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THS4531 ADC Driver

2012/03/29 TI ADC driver provides industry's highest performance-to-power ratio by 8x

Single- and dual-channel, 16- and 24-bit ECG/EEG analog front ends (ADS1191, ADS1192, ADS1291, ADS1292, ADS1292R)

2012/04/04 TI introduces industry's first single- and dual-channel, 16- and 24-bit ECG/EEG analog front ends

2012/04/25 TI introduces industry's most highly integrated audio codec for mobile devices

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Phase-dimmable LED driver (LM3447)

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FPD-Link serializer (DS90C187)

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Constant current buck LED driver modules (TPS92550/1)

WEBENCH System Power Architect

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World’s first configurable NDIR gas sensing and pH sensing AFEs (LMP91050, LMP91200)

FPD-Link III SerDes Chipset (DS90UB913Q, DS90UB914Q)

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Low-noise clock jitter cleaner/multiplier (LMK04906)

Current shunt monitors (INA3221, INA282, INA223, LMP8480)

LDO linear voltage regulator (TPS7A4700)

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PMBus™ server power management and protection IC (LM25066IA)

Programmable Differential Amplifiers (LMH6881, LMH6882)

2012/09/24 TI's $199 Sitara™ AM335x ARM® Cortex™-A8 Starter Kit with LCD touch screen is packed with features to jumpstart development and speed time-to-market

LED Driver (LM3463)

2.5-A Power Module (TPS84250)

SDI reclocker with eye monitor (LMH0366)

Quad-channel XAUI/10GBASE-KR Transceiver (TLK10034)

Pro audio op amps (OPA1664, OPA1662)

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2012/11/01 BeagleBoard.org unleashes "cape" plug-in board design contest for BeagleBone enthusiasts worldwide

WEBENCH Schematic Export

3.5-A SWIFT™ buck regulators (TPS54360/40)

2012/10/31 TI introduces an all-in-one enterprise tablet solution for less than $70 total BOM

Wideband Frequency Synthesizer (LMX2581)

2013/02/01 Making robots and 3D printers just got easier with the winning submissions from BeagleBoard.org's BeagleBone Cape Plug-in Board Design Contest

VID interface controller (LM10011)

LED drivers (TPS92075 and TPS92560)

Fly-Buck DC/DC converters (LM25017/8/9)

Smart bypass diode (SM74611)

Synchronous boost controllers (LM5122Q and TPS43060/1)

Reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution (RD-195)

Haptic driver for ERM and LRA actuators (DRV2605)

Point-of-load DC/DC converters (TPS50601 and TPS50301)

3-phase, brushless DC (BLDC) motor drivers (DRV10866 and DRV11873)

8-channel PWM audio processor (TAS5548)

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LED drivers (TPS92640-41-60)

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Interface ICs for connecting tablet displays and keyboards (SN65DSI85 and TCA8424)

Linear voltage regulators (LP5907 and LP38798)

Piezo haptic driver (DRV2667)

Push-button reset controllers (TPS3420-1)

FPD-Link III SerDes Chipset (DS90UH927Q-Q1, DS90UH928Q-Q1)

LED driver (TPS92690)

DockPort Controller and Switch (HD3SS2521)

Nano-power programmable timers (TPL5000 and TPL5100)

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Digital current sensor and voltage monitor (LMP92064)

10-A SIMPLE SWITCHER® power modules (LMZ31710/07/04)

DC/DC synchronous buck controller (LM27403)

Floating MOSFET switch (TPS92411)

FemtoFET MOSFET Transistors (CSD17381F4, CSD25481F4)

SIMPLE SWITCHER 12-V, 750-mA DC/DC nano power regulator (LMR22007)

WEBENCH Schematic Editor

Flyback power solutions (UCC28910 and UCC28630)

Power factor correction (PFC) controller (UCC28180)

Automotive gate drivers (UCC275xx-Q1)


SWIFT™ DC/DC buck converters (TPS544B20/C20)

Triple-output synchronous step-down switching regulators (TPS65261-2)

Multiphase Vcore power management system (TPS53661-41-31 and CSD95372B-73B)

SIMPLE SWITCHER Synchronous Converters (LM43600/1/2/3 and LM46000/1/2)

450V Linear Controller (TPS92410)

Lighting Matrix Manager (TPS92661-Q1)

18-V multi-channel synchronous buck converter (TPS65400)

Advanced WEBENCH Tools

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Industry's first direct RF sampling 14-bit, 3-GSPS ADC (ADC32RF45)

Resolver sensor interface for rotary position sensing (PGA411-Q1)

HDMI 2.0 and MIPI retimers

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Dual-port CSI-2 quad deserializer hub (DS90UB964-Q1)