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Phase-dimmable LED driver (LM3447)

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Current shunt monitors (INA3221, INA282, INA223, LMP8480)

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PMBus™ server power management and protection IC (LM25066IA)

2.5-A Power Module (TPS84250)

2012/11/12 TI unveils adapter power controller with lowest standby power

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VID interface controller (LM10011)

Fly-Buck DC/DC converters (LM25017/8/9)

Smart bypass diode (SM74611)

Synchronous boost controllers (LM5122Q and TPS43060/1)

4.5-A Li-Ion battery chargers (bq2419x)

10-A SWIFT Step-Down Converter [TPS54020]

2013/04/01 TI introduces 10-A SWIFT™ DC/DC converter with highest current density

Multi-cell battery capacity monitor for lead-acid batteries (bq34z110)

2013/04/16 TI unveils breakthrough battery monitoring technology for lead-acid batteries

MaxLife fast-charge Li-Ion technology

2013/06/06 TI fast-charge technology gets more life out of a Li-Ion battery

Battery management chipset with MaxLife technology

Push-button reset controllers (TPS3420-1)

LED driver (TPS92690)

10-A SIMPLE SWITCHER® power modules (LMZ31710/07/04)

DC/DC synchronous buck controller (LM27403)

Floating MOSFET switch (TPS92411)

FemtoFET MOSFET Transistors (CSD17381F4, CSD25481F4)

Industry's most extensive reference design library (TI Designs)

2013/11/11 TI helps make customer system design easier with TI Designs, the industry's most extensive reference design library

Nanopower boost charger with integrated step-down regulator (bq25570)

Nanopower boost charger (bq25570)

2013/11/18 Ultra-low power circuits to enable next wave of energy harvesting design

SIMPLE SWITCHER 12-V, 750-mA DC/DC nano power regulator (LMR22007)

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Flyback power solutions (UCC28910 and UCC28630)

Power factor correction (PFC) controller (UCC28180)


SWIFT™ DC/DC buck converters (TPS544B20/C20)

Ultra-small 4-A buck-boost converter [TPS630250]

2014/06/16 Get longer battery life in tight spaces with tiny 1-A and 4-A buck-boost regulators

Triple-output synchronous step-down switching regulators (TPS65261-2)

Multiphase Vcore power management system (TPS53661-41-31 and CSD95372B-73B)

SIMPLE SWITCHER Synchronous Converters (LM43600/1/2/3 and LM46000/1/2)

450V Linear Controller (TPS92410)

Lighting Matrix Manager (TPS92661-Q1)

18-V multi-channel synchronous buck converter (TPS65400)

High current PMBus converters (TPS544B25 and TPS544C25)

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