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Linear voltage regulators (LP5907 and LP38798)

250-mA LP5907 and 800-mA LP38798 LDOs from Texas Instruments feature less than 10-µVrms output noise over the 10-Hz to 100-kHz bandwidth, eliminating the need for expensive and bulky filtering in...

Interface ICs for connecting tablet displays and keyboards (SN65DSI85 and TCA8424)

TI introduced two new devices to ease design for tablet designers. The TCA8424 is the industry’s first HID over I2C, 128-key keyboard controller. It eliminates the need to program the device at...

LED drivers (TPS92640-41-60)

TI's TPS92660 two-string LED driver and TPS92640/1 synchronous buck controllers address the challenges of precise color and brightness control lighting that designers face in creating high quality...

8-channel PWM audio processor (TAS5548)

The industry’s first 8-channel, PWM audio processor with dual asynchronous sample rate converters (ASRCs) integrated on a single chip. The TAS5548 allows home and pro audio designers to...

Multi-cell battery capacity monitor for lead-acid batteries (bq34z110)
lead-acid, gas gauge IC, power management, battery management, bq34z110, telecom shelter, ebike, lead acid, inverter, UPS.
Multi-cell battery capacity monitor for lead-acid batteries (bq34z110)

The first lead-acid battery management gas gauge integrated circuit with TI’s proprietary Impedance Track™ capacity measurement technology. The bq34z110 gas gauge IC, which comes in a small...

Haptic driver for ERM and LRA actuators (DRV2605)

TI's DRV2605 the industry’s only ERM/LRA haptic driver pre-loaded with a library of 123 distinct haptic effects, making it easy to add realistic tactile feedback effects to consumer and...

10-A SWIFT Step-Down Converter [TPS54020]

New synchronous step-down DC/DC converter with integrated MOSFETs in a very small 3.5-mm by 3.5-mm HotRod™ QFN package. The SWIFT™ 10-A TPS54020 features the highest power density and includes...

4.5-A Li-Ion battery chargers (bq2419x)

Lithium-ion battery charger integrated circuits (ICs) that reduce charge time by 50 percent in smartphones and tablets compared to other charger solutions. The bq2419x family of 4.5-A output, 20-V...

Reconfigurable DC arc detect reference solution (RD-195)

TI’s RD-195 makes it faster and easier for designers to safeguard high-power DC systems against the catastrophic damage that can result from arc faults. Designers can program the RD-195 to...

Synchronous boost controllers (LM5122Q and TPS43060/1)

TI's LM5122Q and TPS43060/1 synchronous buck controllers feature wide input voltage range and enable compact design and scalable output power

High-speed data converter system evaluation kit (HSDC-SEK-10)

The HSDC-SEK-10 is the industry’s first complete high-speed data converter system evaluation kit. It significantly reduces system evaluation costs and enables designers to get their system...

Smart bypass diode (SM74611)

TI's SM74611 is a smart bypass diode in a standard surface-mount package with 15-A current handling capability and the industry’s lowest power dissipation.

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