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Dual-port CSI-2 quad deserializer hub (DS90UB964-Q1)

TI deserializer hub aggregates and replicates data from multiple high-resolution sensors in automotive camera and radar applications

SimpleLink wireless MCUs for remote control solutions

Say "hello" to TI's new SimpleLink wireless MCUs for Bluetooth low energy and ZigBee RF4CE voice remote controls

HDMI 2.0 and MIPI retimers

TI introduces the industry’s lowest-power, low-jitter retimers for 4K UHD video and camera interface

Resolver sensor interface for rotary position sensing (PGA411-Q1)

New PGA411-Q1 resolver-to-digital converter enables up to a 50 percent reduction in board space and a lower bill-of-materials cost in automotive and industrial applications

Industry's first direct RF sampling 14-bit, 3-GSPS ADC (ADC32RF45)

Introducing the industry’s first RF sampling 14-bit, 3-GSPS analog-to-digital converter for higher integration, better noise performance, wider bandwidth and smaller footprint.

High current PMBus converters (TPS544B25 and TPS544C25)

TI's SWIFT™ 20-A TPS544B25 and 30-A TPS544C25 synchronous buck converters feature frequency synchronization for low-noise and reduced EMI/EMC and a PMBus interface for adaptive voltage scaling...

Advanced WEBENCH Tools

TI's series of advanced tools in WEBENCH® Power Designer provide experienced engineers extensive design control, analysis and trouble-shooting capability to create complex power-supply designs....

Fully integrated 5-A single-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery-charger circuit (bq25892)

Enabling faster and cooler charging, Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) introduced the industry's first fully integrated 5-A single-cell lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery-charger circuit with...

18-V multi-channel synchronous buck converter (TPS65400)

TI's four-channel buck DC/DC converter with PMBus/I2C digital interface is well-suited for applications in space-constrained equipment that experience high ambient operating temperature without...

Industry’s first 65-V synchronous step-down converter with Fly-Buck™ capability

The LM5160A increases output power, improves power density and simplifie multi-output design for industrial, smart grid, automotive applications

New SIMPLE SWITCHER® nano modules redefine small power supply design

TI’s LMZ21700, LMZ21701, LMZ20501 and the LMZ20502 modules feature high performance in the industry’s smallest packages.

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