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All photos in this gallery are to be credited as 'courtesy of Texas Instruments'

LM10503/4/6 power management ICs power supply rails in solid state drives

TI’s new PMICs integrate three programmable 2.25-MHz DC/DC step-down converters with 95-percent peak efficiency that support core processor, memory and I/O voltages, along with a...

LM5017 - 100-V synchronous buck regulator with integrated MOSFETs

Industry’s first 100-V synchronous buck regulator with integrated MOSFETs. The 600-mA LM5017 is the first in a new family of step-down switching regulators that reduce PCB area and system cost...

AFE7225 - Fastest, highest-performance analog front end

The AFE7225 is the industry’s fastest, highest-performance analog front end (AFE) for femtocell base stations and portable software-defined radio (SDR) applications. The low-power, 12-bit...

DS1xxDF410 and DS1xxRT410 - 12.5G retimers

The DS1xxDF410, DS1xxRT410 retimers and DS100KRxxx repeaters deliver the highest signal conditioning performance at the lowest power to combat signal impairments caused by insertion loss, jitter,...

LMK03806 - Ultra Low-Jitter Clock Generator

The LMK0386 clock generator is a highly integrated clock generator featuring the industry’s best jitter performance. The National LMK03806 offers designers the ability to synthesize their...

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