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All photos in this gallery are to be credited as 'courtesy of Texas Instruments'

Jack Kilby holding chips

Jack Kilby holding chips. Circa 1988.

Jack Kilby holding notebook

Jack Kilby holding notebook in laboratory. Ca 1988.

Jack Kilby in his office

Jack Kilby in his TI office. Shown behind him is a "First in Integrated Circuits" display board. Photo scanned from original TI photo archives #1-809-3590 (date/photographer captured unknown).

Jack Kilby

Profile of Jack Kilby. Acquired: 1997 Photographer: Mike Blackwell

Jack Kilby with his notebook

Jack Kilby with his notebook. "Jack Kilby with the original description of his invention, the monolithic integrated circuit."

Jack Kilby in lab

Jack Kilby in lab. November 2000.

Jack Kilby holding first integrated circuit

Jack Kilby holding first integrated circuit in plastic case.

TI Tempe, Arizona

TI Tempe, Arizona facility

TI Tucson, Arizona

TI Tucson, Arizona facility


Photo of TI-Dallas facility located at the Expressway site, DMOS5 fab; DMOS 5 fab; TI Dallas, Texas Expressway location; Expressway campus.


TI DMOS6 Building, Dallas Texas; DMOS 6.

TI South Campus

South Campus, South Lobby Sundial located in front of TI WW Headquarters

TI South Campus - aerial

Aerial of sundial at Forest Lane site.

TI Worldwide Headquarters

Worldwide Headquarters – Texas Instruments worldwide headquarters are located on Forest Lane in Dallas, Texas.

TI-Baguio, Phillipines

The TI-Philippines plant completed in 1980 is on a hilltop in Baguio, Philippines.

TI-Freising, Germany

TI's plant in Freising, Germany, was officially opened in June 1970 and specializes today in the manufacture of mixed-signal integrated circuits. TI-Freising.


Assembly operations began in Malaysia in 1972 in a leased facility and later moved to this new TI facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. TI-Kuala Lumpur; TI-Malaysia.

TI-Miho, Japan

The first phase of the Miho site was completed in 1980. TI-Miho; Miho, Japan.

TI-Taipei, Taiwan

TI-Taiwan plant was completed in 1970 in Chung Ho. The plant has since been expanded and is a key supplier of integrated circuits to TI customers throughout the world. Chung Ho, Taipei Taiwan;...

TI Bangalore, India

Bangalore, TI-India facility_2005; TI-Bangalore campus; TI Bangalore building Texas Instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bagmane Tech Park location, Bangalore India

TI Tokyo, Japan

Photo of TI Japan facility located at Tokyo, Japan; TI-Japan; TI-Tokyo site; TI-Tokyo campus; TI-Tokyo building; TI-Japan building; TI Japan site.

Kilby Center

In September 1997, TI unveiled its new research and development building, named in honor of Jack Kilby, the inventor of the integrated circuit. The Kilby Center, located on TI's north campus in...

Aerial photo construction phase of Richardson Fab

Aerial photo captured of TI's construction phase of the new Richardson FAB (RFAB) during March 2006, located in Richardson, Texas.

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