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All photos in this gallery are to be credited as 'courtesy of Texas Instruments'

TI Volunteers at Cottonwood Park cleanup

Texas Instruments and Keep Dallas Beautiful volunteers worked together for the recent cleanup in Cottonwood Park. TI employees Tami Galloway and Rick Joosten pick up trash in Cottonwood Park.

First Handheld Calculator

The first handheld calculator was invented at TI in 1967. The project was code-named "Cal Tech." This model shows the application of TI's thermal printhead to the calculator.

First TI Logo

When the name Texas Instruments was finalized, Erik Jonsson began thinking about an official company logo. He enageged Torger (Torg) Thompson, an artist with the advertising agency that had...

Speak & Spell Development Team

The original development team responsible for specific contributions to the success of the Speak-n-Spell(TM) learning aid. Pictured from left to right are Gene Frantz, Paul Breedlove, Richard...

First Integrated Circuit Invented by Jack Kilby

Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit at Texas Instruments in 1958. Comprised of only a transistor and other components on a slice of germanium, Kilby's invention, 7/16-by-1/16-inches in...

First Transistor Radio - Regency

The first transistor radio--the Regency TR-1. Early models of the first radios are in the Smithsonian Museum and can be viewed on the museum's website. Regency Radio.

First Silicon Transistor

In 1954, Texas Instruments was the first company to start commercial production of silicon transistors instead of using germanium. Silicon raised the power output while lowering operating...

Datamath Calculator

Datamath calculator with pen for size reference. Early 1970's. Pink background.

GSI Field Crews

GSI field crews often moved in convoy-like formations as they deployed to new locations for clients, as shown in this photograph taken around 1939. At times, they would leave town in multiple...

Educational Products

Speak & Read, Speak & Spell and Speak & Math educational products

35th Anniversary of GSI

Eugene McDermott, Erik Jonsson and Pat Haggerty cutting cake for 35th anniversary of Geophysical Services Inc., the parent company of TI. Sign on wall says, "35 Years of Progress with GSI.”

New York Stock Exchange

The crowd at the New York Stock Exchange including Erik Jonsson, looks on and cheers as the first trade of the morning is executed on October 1, 1953.

Early GSI Crew

Mud and water fly up from multiple shots detonated by this GSI crew in South Louisiana in the early 1930s. They traverse the wetlands in this marsh buggy designed by Ken Burg. The crewman at the...

First Integrated Circuit

Hand holding first integrated circuit. Phase-shift oscillator, invented by Jack S. Kilby in 1958.

TI's Professional Computer

TI's Professional Computer (shown on the desktop in the background and portable unit in the foreground) as featured in a 1983 company brochure.

DMOS5 facility

Pictures of the tour of the DMOS5 building

DMOS6 facility

DMOS6 is an example of a highly automated wafer fab, with overhead systems moving the products from tool-to-tool through the entire production sequence.

DMOS6 cleanroom

2nd floor implant area of DMOS6 cleanroom located on Expressway Campus of TI-Dallas. 2005 photo provided by TIer Bill Vigrass, DMOS6 (150-dpi resolution). DMOS 6; DMOSVI; DMOS VI; cleanroom employee.

Sky Bridge grand opening

Photos of Sky Bridge grand opening ceremony on Sept 2, 2008. Sky Bridge connects DMOS4 and DMOS5 clean rooms.

Wafer in Process

00-mm wafer in process atTI's DMOS 6 facility in Dallas, Texas.

Rich Templeton

Rich Templeton - candid photos taken in his office for Summer 2008 issue of the Connect benefits newspaper.

Cecil H. Green

Cecil H. Green (1900-2003). TI founder and honorary director, ca. 1990. Head and shoulders.

J. Erik Jonsson

J. Erik Jonsson; "We must dream no small dreams. We must envision great, ambitious, difficult goals, yet our objectives must be within our reach." Quote located on facing page of brochure from photo.

Eugene McDermott

Eugene McDermott, a founder of GSI, developed the innovative designs for instruments that improved the business of geophysics.

Patrick E. Haggerty

Patrick E. Haggerty (1914-1980), TI Founder.

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