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2003 Archives

Dec 31, 2003
Texas Instruments ASIC Solutions Positively Impact Cisco Customer Satisfaction
Dec 18, 2003
Softier's MediaLinux software solution for TI DM64x digital media processors to be showcased at the 2004 TI Developer Conference
Dec 15, 2003
Amplifiers Made Simple: Industry’s First Online Design Tool for Op Amps Offers Fast, Easy and Accurate Solutions for Analog Design Challenges
Dec 14, 2003
Digital Audio Solutions by TI Meet Manufacturers' Demanding Audio Quality Standards
Dec 12, 2003
Analog Pre-Processor Delivers Highest Level of Integration and Lowest Power
Dec 11, 2003
Peak-Current Mode Controllers Minimize Power Loss, Lower EMI/RFI and Reduce Component Stresses for Higher Reliability
Dec 11, 2003
New OMAP Processor Provides Increased Applications Performance and Power Efficiency for High-Volume Wireless Multimedia Market
Dec 10, 2003
Industry experts will lead sessions that include hands-on labs, tutorials and workshops focusing on video, imaging, audio, security and more
Dec 9, 2003
TI Delivers Most Advanced Solution Available Today for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Coexistence with Full Bluetooth v1.2 Support and Best-in-Class On-Chip Power Management
Dec 9, 2003
Five Year Investigation of High-k Dielectric Successful
Dec 9, 2003
New Solution To Provide Mobile Devices with High-Speed Internet Connectivity 10 Times Faster Than Current cdma2000 1x and GPRS Solutions
Dec 9, 2003
Micro-module Packaging Along With Analog And RF Integration Enables Quick Mount Directly Onto Main Board
Dec 8, 2003
480 Mbps Solutions Enable High-Performance Applications for Consumer Electronics and PCs
Dec 8, 2003
New Amp Reduces Audio System Size and Costs for Home Theater Systems and DVD Receivers
Dec 6, 2003
Versatile Manager Simplifies Power Source Equipment Design and Intelligently Manages PoE-Compatible Systems
Dec 5, 2003
Open, Modular CDMA Solution Enables Differentiation, Innovation and Scalability That Will Lower System Costs
Dec 4, 2003
New 1, 2, 8, and 20 Bit Translation Devices Create Design Flexibility by Offering Level Translation from 1.65V to 5.5V and 1.4V to 3.6V
Dec 4, 2003
TI Builds on Success of Joint Research With INRIA With A New Center in Rennes, France
Dec 4, 2003
Q2 GAAP earnings are 34 cents per share, more than double Q1's earnings of 15 cents