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2000 Archives

Dec 25, 2000
National's NDV8501 finds new application in video recorder segment
Dec 21, 2000
National's Third-Generation Gig PHYTER? Enables Low-Cost, High-Density Gigabit Ethernet Solutions
Dec 11, 2000
National's Geode? Technology Enables 3Com to Accelerate Time-to-Market to Meet Emerging Small Business Customer Needs for Network Storage and Online Communications
Dec 11, 2000
Cash And Product Prizes Totalling Over $300,000 Include Three Grand Cash Prizes Worth $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 - Closing Date For First Round Entries is December 31, 2000
Nov 13, 2000
New Ricochet-Ready Geode WebPAD 'Metro' is first Internet Appliance to offer a complete wireless web experience and total flexibility for consumers
Nov 8, 2000
National's Booth to Be One-Stop Showcase of Breakthrough IA Products Company Executive to Outline Future Direction of Information Appliances
Nov 7, 2000
Speeds Production of Advanced Set-Top Boxes, Gives Customer Time-to-Market Advantage
Nov 7, 2000
Space-Saving IC Prolongs Battery Life in Low-Cost Power Supplies and Cell Phone Battery Chargers
Nov 6, 2000
National is Premier Silicon Supplier in Restructured HomeRF Working Group Focused on Promoting Large-Scale Deployment of Interoperable Wireless Devices for the Home
Oct 24, 2000
Thin Clients Provide Greater Reliability and Maximize Teaching, Learning Time
Oct 23, 2000
LM4871 in LLP Delivers 2.4W to 3-Ohm Load With 1% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) From 5V Supply In Half the Size of Previous Solutions
Oct 23, 2000
Their Students Are Using the Web to Publish Music, Construct Railroads, Design Quilts
Oct 19, 2000
First Solution to Integrate Progressive Scan and DVD Audio Capability on One Chip