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1999 Archives

May 17, 1999
Industry Leading OEMs Readied to Apply OpenLDI to Fuel Digital FPD Markets
Apr 26, 1999
LM2653 Regulator Offers 97% Efficiency in a Tiny Form Factor to Meet the Power Requirements of Notebook Computers and Other Portable Products
Apr 26, 1999
New Device Reduces Parts Count by Digitizing Multiple Channels in Cellular Base Station Receivers
Apr 22, 1999
Both parties to contribute to chipset for TFT-LCD panel incorporating RSDS digital interface
Apr 12, 1999
Features Include Low Power, High Speed/Output Drive, High Noise Immunity, Industry-Compatible I/Os
Apr 5, 1999
Industry's first low-cost wireless chipsets for home networking will let multiple users share single Internet connection
Mar 29, 1999
New Silicon Dust Op Amps Consume 94% Less Power than Original LMV Series While Addressing Space and Cost Concerns of Battery-Powered Applications
Mar 29, 1999
New IC Increases the Dynamic Range of Narrowband Receivers by 42dB
Mar 15, 1999
PC87200 Enables PC Manufacturers to Add ISA Slots to Their PCI Systems
Mar 15, 1999
PLLatinum Series Offers Output Frequencies from 550MHz to 2.5GHz, Low Power Consumption, Versatile 2.7V to 5.5V Range
Mar 15, 1999
With 80% Average Efficiency, New Inductor-less IC Achieves Full Use of Battery Capacity in Cellular Phones, Hand-held Organizers, Digital Cameras and Other Portable Products
Mar 1, 1999
National's Integrated Technology Enables Wyse's? Winterm 3350SE Windows?CE-Based Terminal