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2014 Archives

Sep 3, 2014
TI's wireless haptic development kit enables easy tactile feedback prototyping in a wide range of applications
Aug 28, 2014
Leverage ultra-low-power MSP430FR69x FRAM microcontrollers with integrated smart analog, extended scan interface, LCD controller and up to 128 KB memory
Aug 26, 2014
Evaluation module features smallest, brightest and most efficient DLP® Pico™ WVGA display chipset
Aug 26, 2014
Create scalable designs for variable speed drives, frequency inverters, power converters and renewable energy with pin and software compatibility with popular dual-core C2000 Delfino MCUs
Aug 25, 2014
Integrated diagnostics and load-dump protection provide reliability and simplify design
Aug 20, 2014
Show how Texas Instruments technology makes math or science more meaningful for a chance to go back to school with a "bang"
Aug 13, 2014
Two-layer evaluation module and reference design simplify PoE design in network video recorders and Ethernet switches
Aug 12, 2014
VR12.5/VR12-compliant DC/DC controllers and NexFET™ smart power stage deliver highest efficiency in smallest footprint
Aug 7, 2014
TI eFuse offers multiple levels of protection, extends battery life and reduces solution size in portable and adapter-powered devices
Aug 6, 2014
TI adds convenience to connectivity with USB 3.0 control and wireless charging, improves power management of infotainment systems
Aug 5, 2014
TI continues to build on success of C2000 F281x MCU recipe with Delfino™ and Piccolo™ MCU families
Jul 31, 2014
Monolithic step-down DC/DC converters feature smaller footprint, higher efficiency
Jul 30, 2014
Awarded 2014 Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership for Semiconductor Solutions
Jul 24, 2014
Reference design simplifies power design for Thunderbolt solutions
Jul 21, 2014
Conference call on TI website at 4:30 p.m. Central time today
Jul 15, 2014
RF430F5978 MCU integrates TI sub-1GHz RF transceiver, 3D LF wake-up trigger and transponder with standard MSP430 MCU features and advanced AES security