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2002 Archives

Mar 13, 2002
New Wireless Accessories Provide Instant Bluetooth Connectivity for PCs, Notebooks and PDAs
Mar 13, 2002
National Pairs Geode Technology and Media Processing to Provide Streaming Video and Interactive Internet Content on Information Appliances
Mar 13, 2002
New "Mira"-enabled, Geode Technology-based Smart Display Devices Showcased at CeBIT 2002
Mar 12, 2002
Leading Systems Integrator to Extend Development Support to 2.5G, 3G Mobile Device Manufacturers, Wireless Application Providers
Mar 11, 2002
Full System Implementation to be Demonstrated at Optical Fiber Communications Conference
Mar 11, 2002
Demo of First Platform with H.26L at Embedded Systems Conference
Mar 11, 2002
Company Earns Third Prestigious Quality Award in Four Years
Mar 8, 2002
Streaming Media, Bluetooth Wireless Technology Among Featured Technologies on Display to Demonstrate National's "Solutions for Multimedia Connectivity"
Mar 6, 2002
Audio CODEC from TI's Burr-Brown Product Line Saves Space and Cost
Mar 4, 2002
Maycom Launches TI-Powered DAB Radio at CeBIT 2002, March 13-20 (Booth # IT-Hall25-E15)
Feb 28, 2002
Products Resulting from the New Company will be Based on TI OMAP(tm) Processors
Feb 26, 2002
National's Integrated Module Enables Rapid, Low Cost Bluetooth Implementation
Feb 25, 2002
Advanced System Architecture Supports Wireless and Java Applications for DSPC PDC Baseband Processing Solution
Feb 25, 2002
First in a Series of Digital Media Products Delivers 4X Performance Enabling More Advanced Features at a Lower System Cost
Feb 25, 2002
SafeKeeper co-processor makes PC platforms more secure and trustworthy - supports Trusted Computing Platform Alliance standard
Feb 25, 2002
National's LM86, the Industry's First Sub-1 Degree C Accurate Remote Diode Temperature Sensor, LM85 and LM90 Provide High Accuracy, Small Size and Customization