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2002 Archives

Dec 2, 2002
Developers Can Get Started Today with the Industry's First Digital Power Supply Developer's Kit
Nov 26, 2002
51,800-square meter assembly and test plant will open in 2004 in Suzhou Industrial Park with 500 employees
Nov 25, 2002
132dB DAC Complies with Next-Generation CD Formats, SACD and DVD-Audio
Nov 25, 2002
Multi-Million Gate, High-Speed Devices Becoming a TI Specialty
Nov 19, 2002
New Chip Set Enables the Delivery of Personalized, Web-Based Information To Consumers on a Range of Familiar Devices
Nov 18, 2002
Devices Offer Improved Power Efficiency, Excellent Price/Performance Value
Nov 18, 2002
Low-cost starter kit with USB plug-and-play functionality and power management tools available today for $395
Nov 18, 2002
National's Self-Contained Bluetooth Solution, One of the World's Smallest, Allows Simplified Design-in and Accelerated Bluetooth Certification
Nov 17, 2002
The Geode Extended Office is Designed for Road Warriors Who Need Wireless "Anytime Access" to Office Data, Business Applications and Video Conferencing
Nov 17, 2002
LG Electronics, NEC, Wyse, Tatung and FIC Will Preview Smart Display Devices Built on National Semiconductor’s Geode Reference Design at Comdex 2002
Nov 15, 2002
National Will Also Unveil Geode Extended Office (GXO) and Demo 20 New Consumer Products that Will Drive the Next Technology Wave
Nov 13, 2002
54Mbps in 2.4 and 5.2 GHz Bands with Advanced Security and Quality of Service
Nov 12, 2002
"Amp in a Mic" Transforms Market by Replacing Decades-Old Technology
Nov 12, 2002
Customizable Flash-Based Processor Family Includes Embedded Bluetooth, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Controller Area Network (CAN) Interfaces, Plus Software, Development Tools and Support to Bring Connectivity to the Embedded World
Nov 11, 2002
New Technologies Will Quadruple Battery Life for Portable Electronics
Nov 7, 2002
FRAM Cells Use Less Power and Cost Less to Produce than Alternatives
Nov 6, 2002
New High-Bandwidth Devices Manufactured Using Industry's First Complementary Bipolar Silicon-Germanium Process
Nov 6, 2002
Code-Compatible TMS320C64x(tm) DSP Enables Rapid Delivery of High Performance Applications to Market
Nov 4, 2002
New Partners, Technologies and Products Highlight Offering