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Oct 18, 2000
Combination of Virtual EEPROM, In-System Programming, and Integrated Analog Functions Facilitates Control of Information Appliances (IA) and Internet-Driven Applications
Oct 18, 2000
National Semiconductor and Bertelsmann Foundation Provide Low-Cost Computing and Internet Access for Berlin School
Oct 17, 2000
3Com's new Internet appliance powered by National's Geode? Processor
Oct 11, 2000
Full-Featured, Portable Web Surfing and E-mail in Your Home, Office or Yard Now a Reality
Oct 9, 2000
MiniCOP8SGR in 44-PIN Leadless Chip Scale Package Spurs Growth of New Category of Internet-Controlled Micro Information Appliances
Oct 9, 2000
eMachines' new Internet Appliance boasts 'instant-on' feature with MSN
Oct 2, 2000
LM8272 Features High Output Current of 130mA, 2.5-24V Voltage Range, Low Power Consumption of 800uA and Unlimited Capacitive Load Drive
Oct 2, 2000
Market Leader Showcases Next-Generation Thin Clients Enabled by Geode™ Technology at Citrix iForum 2000™
Sep 25, 2000
Highly Efficient Chips Use Integrated 12-Bit ADCs to Convert Still or Motion Images to Digital Streams at Twice the Speed and Half the Power of Conventional Sensors
Sep 20, 2000
Unique Chips Offer Support for Both the LPC Bus and All Legacy Functions
Sep 18, 2000
"Set-top Box-on-a-Chip" Enables Fusion of the Internet with TV Content
Sep 18, 2000
"WebPAD™-on-a-Chip" Will Enable Affordable, Full-Function Portable and Tethered LCD Based WebPAD Devices
Sep 18, 2000
"Thin-Client-on-a-Chip" Increases Performance and Reliability, Reduces System Cost and Power Consumption