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1999 Archives

Oct 22, 1999
Their Students Are Using the Web to Track Weather, Discuss Discrimination and Plan the Perfect Planet
Oct 11, 1999
New IC Simplifies Design of Expanding IF-Sampling Receiver Solutions
Oct 5, 1999
Geode Solution Enables e-Mail PostBox™ and e-Mail Express™ to Reach the Market
Sep 27, 1999
Companies Will Jointly Develop Information Appliance Reference Platforms
Sep 27, 1999
Micro SMD creates a change in packaging technology where "the die is the package"
Sep 23, 1999
Companies Announce Cooperative Development and Licensing Agreement
Sep 13, 1999
LM2687, with Only +1mV Output Ripple, Generates a Very Low Noise Negative Regulated Voltage for Cellular Phones
Sep 8, 1999
IBM Selects National's Geode GXlv Processor for Network Station Series 2200
Sep 7, 1999
DS92LV1212 Receiver Completes Chip Set That Is Half the Cost and Consumes Half the Power Of Competitive Devices
Aug 30, 1999
ADC10030 Features Lowest Active and Standby Power for Communications, Games, Imaging and Video Applications
Aug 16, 1999
Integrated Single-Chip MAC/PHY Device Provides High-Performance Solution for Next-Generation Windows-Based Terminals, PCI Adapter Cards and Information Appliances
Aug 11, 1999
Companies To Accelerate Adoption of Speech Processing Technology in Consumer Electronic Devices
Aug 9, 1999
New Family Offers Cost Savings, Lower Power For 14- to 17-Inch Displays, Especially when Teamed with National's High-Performance Video Preamps
Jul 29, 1999
RSDS Gaining Momentum as Technology of Choice for Building Next-Generation, High-Resolution Digital Display Interfaces
Jul 26, 1999
National Broadens Its Temp Sensor Product Portfolio with Five New Introductions