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2002 Archives

Apr 29, 2002
Texas Instruments Delivers Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) for flash-OFDM™ Base Stations Modems for Market Trial
Apr 29, 2002
New Amplifier Family Enables Maximum Performance in High-Resolution, High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter Applications
Apr 28, 2002
New Single-chip ADSL Solution is the First to Integrate Line Driver on Silicon in a CMOS Process
Apr 26, 2002
Sonic's Radar Speed System Provides Higher Accuracy Speed and Distance Measurements for Skiers, Joggers and Cyclists
Apr 25, 2002
The TMS320C6418 DSP Optimizes Performance and Price for Telecom, Software Radio and Broadcast Equipment
Apr 22, 2002
Texas Instruments First Company to Implement Symbian OS Hardware Accelerator API for TI's OMAP1510 Processor
Apr 22, 2002
TI's Flexible Innovator(tm) Development Tool to Accelerate Application Development for the Series 60 Smart Phones Based on Symbian OS
Apr 22, 2002
University Of Washington Image Computing Systems Laboratory Hosts Library, Consortium to Reduce Time to Market, Development Costs
Apr 22, 2002
Industry's Highest Performance, Most Cost-Effective 16-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Leverages National's Innovation, Technology Breadth and Analog Expertise
Apr 19, 2002
Innovator(TM) Development Kit Fastest Route for Software Designers to Create, Demonstrate 2.5G, 3G Applications that Support Popular Mobile Operating Systems Using TI's OMAP Processors
Apr 17, 2002
TI's robust and low-cost TMS320C5416 DSK now available to help designers get started quickly using the popular TMS320C54x™ low-power DSPs
Apr 16, 2002
High-Performance Octal ADC Provides 4X Reduction in Space
Apr 12, 2002
Industry Leaders Join to Promote Smart Card Infrastructure Worldwide
Apr 9, 2002
Integrated Design Provides up to 8064 Channels for Carrier Class VoP Equipment and is Industry's First Programmable Platform
Apr 8, 2002
See Brooktrout's TR2020(tm) Platform at VON Spring in TI Booth #316
Apr 8, 2002
TI Recognized for Innovations in Reducing Soft Error Rates Caused by Environmental Factors
Apr 8, 2002
Easy-to-Use Tool Creates New Venue for DSP Community to Share Expertise