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2013 Archives

Apr 9, 2013
Fully-integrated modem transceiver reduces board space in a 3-mm by 3-mm package for signaling up to 115 kbps
Apr 3, 2013
1080p60 sensor-to-processor IC reduces video system size and power consumption
Apr 2, 2013
Driver features 123 pre-designed haptic effects and unparalleled performance
Apr 1, 2013
17-V synchronous buck converter integrates MOSFETs and features tiny HotRod™ package
Mar 26, 2013
No longer sacrifice performance for price: New MSP430G2xx4 and G2xx5 devices enable wireless and advanced capacitive touch capabilities with additional serial ports, timers and die-sized packages
Mar 25, 2013
Single-cell battery charger ICs with I2C and USB OTG output achieve highest efficiency and cut charge time in half
Mar 21, 2013
Certification by independent third-party assessor TUV SUD affirms TI's commitment to functional safety markets.
Mar 19, 2013
RD-195 reliably detects electrical arc faults and alerts system to avert fires caused by arcing
Mar 19, 2013
Accurate quasi-resonant PWM controller achieves less than 10-mW standby power and eliminates need for cable compensation
Mar 18, 2013
Fully programmable digital controller for isolated power allows "on-the-fly" firmware updates to power supplies
Mar 18, 2013
Three new controllers with wide input voltage range enable compact design and scalable output power
Mar 18, 2013
PFC engineers can develop high-voltage and advanced power metering designs and analog power supply designers can easily transition to digital with new TI kits
Mar 13, 2013
Kit includes everything needed to fully evaluate high-speed data converters
Mar 12, 2013
Scalable open source IP/6LoWPAN connectivity for home automation products, connected lighting systems, and smart city projects
Mar 12, 2013
Active diode reduces photovoltaic junction box temperature by 50 degrees C
Mar 7, 2013
Conference call on TI website at 4 p.m. Central time today
Mar 6, 2013
Unique BLE-Stack 1.3 feature solves industry problem for devices using TI's CC2540/1 Bluetooth low energy SoCs
Mar 6, 2013
TI's premier professional development event for math and science educators offers innovative ways to integrate technology and content into classrooms to increase student understanding and achievement
Mar 5, 2013
Fly-Buck™ DC/DC converters with integrated MOSFETs reduce size and cost of single- and multi-output designs