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Apr 11, 2000
Geode GX1 Sub-1 Watt Integrated Processor Resolves Compromise Between Price, Power, Performance and Multimedia Capability for the Information-Appliance (IA) Market
Apr 3, 2000
National's CLC020 SDV Encoder Represents a Low Power Alternative at an Attractive Price/Performance
Mar 28, 2000
LM1253A, LM2453 Integrate OSD Generator, Preamp, CRT Driver and Bias Clamp Functions, Eliminating Up To 60 Parts from Neck-board PCBs
Mar 22, 2000
Joint Laboratory to Target Products at China's Information Appliance Market
Mar 20, 2000
LM4651/52 Chipset Offers State of the Art Class D IC Amplifier Technology That Reduces Heat Sink and Power Supply Requirements
Mar 13, 2000
LM92 Provides Better Than ?0.33?C to ?1.5?C Accuracy Over the Full Temperature Range (-25?C to 150?C)
Mar 6, 2000
LM2655 Features High Performance, Small Size and Low Cost with Synchronous and Non-Synchronous Switching Flexibility
Mar 1, 2000
USBN9603 Universal Serial Bus is a Full-Speed Function Controller with Enhanced DMA Support
Feb 28, 2000
The LM4663's 83% Efficiency Makes it Ideal for Battery Powered Applications Such as Notebook Computers
Feb 24, 2000
National's Geode™ WebPAD™ Reference Platform Will Enable New Internet Appliances
Feb 24, 2000
IBM's new Windows-Based Terminal showcases enabling National Geode technology
Feb 24, 2000
National Geode-based reference platform to provide enhanced solutions for Linux
Feb 21, 2000
Companies Partner to Define the Next Generation DVD-on-a-Chip Solution
Feb 16, 2000
COP8.COM Kit Enables Greater Efficiency, Intelligence and Operational Flexibility for Developing Remote Control Capabilities in 8-bit Controller Applications
Feb 16, 2000
Space-Saving LM3647 Universal Battery Charger Speeds Design Time, Cuts Cost, Reduces Inventory for Portable System OEMs
Jan 31, 2000
First Fully Integrated Single-Chip IEEE 802.3ab Compliant, Tri-Speed Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Solves Bandwidth Need for Voice/Video/Data Integration
Jan 31, 2000
Single and Dual Port USB Devices Offer Thermal Shutdown Isolation and Delay Flag Pin Advances With Pin Compatibility to Industry Standard USB Switches