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First LVDS receiver to support 4-MHz pixel clock for small LCD panels

TI receiver reduces EMI and power consumption in printers, copiers, appliances and digital cameras

Feb 4, 2014

DALLAS, Feb. 4, 2014 – Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today introduced the industry’s first LVDS receiver IC to support a 4-MHz pixel clock in printers, copiers, digital cameras, fuel pump displays and appliances with small LCD panels. Compared to competitive devices, the SN65LVDS822 FlatLink™ LVDS receiver accepts a lower pixel clock, enabling 30 percent longer video transmission distance, with 60 percent fewer wires to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and power consumption. For more information and to order samples, visit www.ti.com/sn65lvds822-pr.

Key features and benefits of the SN65LVDS822:

  • Supports wide pixel clock range: Receives a low pixel clock from 4 MHz to 54 MHz to enable panel resolutions of 160 by 120 (QQVGA) to 1024 by 600 (WUXGA) at 60 frames per second (fps) with 24 bit-per-pixel (bpp) color that until now required parallel LVTTL/LVCMOS interfaces.
  • Reduced wire count: Supports both 4:27 and 2:27 deserialization, providing the flexibility to further reduce wire count. The 2:27 mode with 14x sampling enables a 40 percent lane count reduction to two data lanes for systems with tight space constraints.
  • Flexible PCB layout and low EMI: Bus swap feature and reduced LVDS swing offer engineers greater board design flexibility, while the 3-way selectable CMOS slew rate control reduces EMI by matching the slew rate with the needs of the application.
  • LVCMOS output: Supports 1.8-V to 3.3-V CMOS signals to meet a wide range of LCD panel requirements.

Combining the SN65LVDS822 receiver with the SN75LVDS83B LVDS transmitter forms a complete bridge interface between a system’s LCD panel and video processor, such as one of TI’s OMAP™ and DaVinci™ processors. The SN65LVDS822 is an extension of TI’s popular FlatLink serial interface technology, which reduces the number of signal lines used for synchronous parallel data bus structures with no loss in data throughput.

Tools and support
The SN65LVDS822RGZEVM evaluation module can be purchased today for a suggested retail price of US$99. An IBIS model is also available for verifying board signal integrity requirements.

Technical support is available on the Interface Forum in the TI E2ETM Community, where engineers can search for solutions, get help, share knowledge and solve problems with fellow engineers and TI experts.

Availability, packaging and pricing
The SN65LVDS822 is available today in a 7-mm by 7-mm, 48-pin QFN package for a suggested retail price of US$2.81 in 1,000-unit quantities.

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