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TI introduces first single-chip battery gauge with integrated protection

High-accuracy Li-Ion fuel gauge extends battery run-time, protects single-cell batteries used in consumer, portable medical and industrial devices

Oct 30, 2013

DALLAS (Oct. 30, 2013) – Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today introduced the industry’s first fuel gauge with integrated protection in a 1.9-mm by 2.7-mm by 0.6-mm 15-bump, chip scale package, which accurately monitors and protects single-cell Li-Ion batteries used in space-constrained designs. The bq27741 pack-side fuel gauge uses TI’s proprietary Impedance Track™ monitoring algorithm to boost battery run-time in consumer and portable industrial and medical devices. To order samples and an evaluation module, visit www.ti.com/bq27741-pr.


Key features and benefits of the bq27741:

  • First single-cell battery fuel gauge with integrated high-side NFET protection in WCSP package.
  • Longest battery run-time: Impedance Track algorithm accurately reports remaining battery capacity, state-of-health, state-of-charge and battery voltage. 
  • Simplified layout: High-side sense resistor allows the use of one common ground plane and removes offset and noise, which saves cost and board space.
  • Protection: Provides high-accuracy fault detection and shutdown circuitry for better safety margins, including the use of full-cell voltage and charging range without false trips.
  • Authentication: Integrated SHA-1 security encryption and battery ID features protect the system against possible counterfeit packs.


Gauge Studio for easier battery gauging design

Designers can simplify battery gauging design with the bq27741 fuel gauge by using TI’s new Gauge Studio software tool. The file size of the Gauge Studio design tool is about ten times smaller than TI’s previous software, dramatically minimizing configuration and system firmware development.


TI analog for industrial

TI provides a diverse and readily available portfolio of analog ICs for a broad range of applications, including smart grid, factory automation, high-voltage power, LED lighting and control. TI data converters, amplifiers, interface, isolation, clocking, and power management devices enable customers to differentiate their products, while TI software, design tools and reference designs simplify and accelerate design cycles. Learn how TI analog innovations are improving industrial safety, efficiency and reliability at: TI Analog Solutions for Industrial


Availability and pricing

The bq27741 battery fuel gauge is available now in a 1.9-mm by 2.7-mm by 0.6-mm, 15-ball WCSP package, and is priced at US$1.81 in 1,000-unit quantities.


Find out more about TI’s battery management portfolio:

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