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Texas Instruments Introduces Standalone Demodulator that Lowers ATSC Receiver Costs While Improving HDTV Picture Quality

New High Performance TVP9900 Demodulator Saves OEMs up to 20 Percent in BOM for Digital TV Receiver

Apr 16, 2007

DALLAS (April 16, 2007) -- Building on an extensive portfolio of digital television (DTV) solutions, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a new high performance cost-effective American Television Standards Committee’s (ATSC) demodulator for DTV systems. The new TVP9900 ATSC demodulator supports the reception of North American DTV broadcasts, including high-definition TV (HDTV). Using field-proven technology, the new standalone demodulator significantly reduces DTV receiver costs through the integration of filters and other functions, while the small footprint of the device minimizes board space. In addition to multi-path performance that exceeds ATSC A/74 standards, the TVP9900 provides greater reception range and better picture quality while its versatile design permits flexibility in implementation. See www.ti.com/tvp9900 for more information.

Exceptional Performance Through Proven Technology

The flexible TVP9900 demodulator is designed using standards-compliant technology that TI has successfully employed in other DTV products. Performance meets or exceeds the ATSC’s A/74 recommendations, helping to simplify receiver design while ensuring high-quality imaging. Signal equalization covers the echo profile required by A/74 guidelines, and superior multi-path performance demodulates all Brazil ensembles—among the industry’s most demanding tests of multi-path performance—for improved signal reception over a greater transmission range.

The demodulator, which is compatible with standard ATSC tuners, supports all typical DTV usage through ATSC 8-VSB demodulation for broadcast and ITU-J.83B 64/256 QAM demodulation for cable, including forward error correction (FEC) for both schemes. Additionally, an industry standard MPEG-2 data stream output can be fed to a wide range of DTV video processors from TI and other suppliers.

Integration Saves Component Costs

The TVP9900 demodulator offers a high level of system integration that saves DTV manufacturers up to 20 percent in the bill of materials for the receiver. With a footprint of only 14×14 mm and the removal of external circuitry, the device saves considerable board space up to 300 mm² over alternative demodulation solutions.

The TVP9900 directly accepts the 44-MHz intermediate frequency (IF) signal that is a standard output from tuners, eliminating the need for an external down converter. An unusual feature among standalone demodulators is the acceptance of a 4 MHz clock input directly from the tuner, eliminating the requirement for an external crystal oscillator. Integrated digital filtering relaxes the requirement for external filters to perform a number of functions, among them removing aliasing from adjacent channels. An integrated high-speed 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a 62.5 MHz option combines with adjacent channel filtering to reduce the number of external saw filters and the corresponding need for IF amplification.

Easy-to-Use Development Support

For developers who want to evaluate the demodulator and initiate system development quickly, the TVP9900 evaluation module (EVM) provides a ready-to-use ATSC front end receiver, complete with an interface to an Alps tuner daughter card. An MPEG 2 data stream output can be fed to the developer’s choice of back-end DTV processors. TI’s WinVCC (Windows® Video Control Center) software provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive user interface for initialization, optimization and status reports, including a virtual oscilloscope for signal visualization.

Availability, Packaging and Pricing

The new TVP9900 ATSC demodulator is now available in volume from TI and TI Authorized Distributors. The device is packaged in a space-saving 14×14 mm 80-pin thin quad flatpack (TQFP). Suggested retail pricing is $6.00 per unit in quantities of 1,000.

The TVP9900 EVM with WinVCC software is now available from TI, priced at $499 per unit.