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Kedacom Launches an Advanced Enterprise Video Conferencing System Based on Texas Instruments DaVinci™ Technology

The High Integration of the Video Conferencing System Greatly Reduces Enterprise Deployment Cost and Simplifies System Deployment

Jun 5, 2007

BEIJING (June 5, 2007) - Keda Communications Ltd. (Kedacom), a leading video communication solutions provider based in China, delivers the videoconferencing system, TrueSens, for the small to medium-sized enterprises. It is Kedacom's first videoconferencing system built on TI's innovative DaVinciTM technology. Compared with their former solutions, the new system will lower the enterprise deployment cost by around 60 to 70 percent. 

The TrueSens videoconferencing system, based on DaVinci TMS320DM6446 Digital Media system-on-chip and software technology, will provide enterprises with superior quality, secure, low-cost and easy-to-use video communication solutions by effectively solving issues in the enterprise video system deployment and applications. Such challenges include the large investment for the enterprise system, the complexity of the system deployment, operation and maintenance. In addition, TrueSens will enable video communication over the Internet without the extra cable leasing cost, which will greatly reduce the system operational cost and simplify system deployment. TrueSens will fulfill the remote communications needs of the small to medium-sized enterprises and help them speed decision making to quickly win in the fast changing and competitive market.

By leveraging the advantages of TI's DaVinci-based processor, the system-on-a-chip (SoC) that is field-proven for various video applications, TrueSens videoconferencing products greatly improve the performance and quality of the video and audio in the system. It shortens the development cycle, speeds time-to-market and enriches the features of the digital videoconferencing system.

"We are pleased to collaborate with TI on the videoconferencing system. TI's DaVinci technology brings the innovative features to our video applications," said Mr. Chen Weidong, CEO of Kedacom. "TrueSens brings a new exciting experience, which will make remote communications become more frequent and efficient, as well as impact the operational ways of the enterprises by reducing the decision-making time and improving the effectiveness of internal coordination and competitiveness within the enterprises."

"TrueSens videoconferencing system is a great win for TI's DaVinci technology. We are excited about the innovative spirit of Kedacom, which is demonstrated in the development of the TrueSens videoconferencing system," said Eldon Teng, Asia DSP/MCU business development manager, TI. "TI will continue to work closely with Kedacom and continue to collaborate on future products."