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TI's Highest Performing Floating-Point DSPs Power Polycom's New SoundStructure™ Voice Conferencing Solution

TI TMS320C6727 DSPs are the Digital Signal Processing Work Horse Behind the New SoundStructure Series Professional Audio Solutions

Jun 21, 2007

HOUSTON and PLEASANTON, Calif. (June 21, 2007) - Pushing voice conferencing technology to the next level with truly immersive sound quality, Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today that Polycom, (NASDAQ: PLCM), the world's leading provider of unified collaborative communications solutions, is harnessing the power and performance of floating-point digital signal processors (DSPs) from TI in its newly released SoundStructure series. SoundStructure is an installed audio solution that delivers remarkable sound clarity and full stereo echo cancellation ideal for conference rooms, class rooms, meeting and telepresence environments. Leveraging TI's highest performing floating-point DSPs, SoundStructure taps the TMS320C6727 DSP's precision, speed and performance to handle the intensive audio processing and dynamic processing tasks, creating a much more natural and realistic conferencing experience. For more information on TI's floating-point DSPs, please visit: www.ti.com/c6727pr and for more information regarding their use in the Polycom SoundStructure please refer to Polycom's announcement this week entitled, "Polycom Introduces First Immersive Installed Audio Solution for Voice and Video Conferencing."

As more remote meetings take place via telephone and video conferencing, superior sound quality that can make conference calls as timely and engaging as face-to-face conversations will have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the meetings. Group meetings in large rooms are more productive and efficient if all participants can hear clear, crisp voice quality, especially during simultaneous conversations. With the higher precision demanded by quality audio processing, a compelling set of peripherals for moving data, and the ease of programming inherent in floating point DSPs, the C6727 was a natural choice as the processing workhorse for the Polycom SoundStructure series.

"Polycom is a leader in video conferencing with its best-in-class high definition voice and video," said Joseph Rigazio General Manager, TI Catalog DSP & Emerging End Equipments. "By teaming with TI to offer the industry's fastest, most innovative processors, Polycom continues to offer market-defining technology that changes the way businesspeople communicate and collaborate."

Based on the TMS320C67x+TM DSP core, a single C6727 DSP is capable of providing performance of up to 2800 million floating point operations per second (FLOPs) at a clock rate of 350 MHz. The C6727 DSP aids in SoundStructure's core audio processing to deliver exceptional audio quality. In addition to having a powerful DSP core, the C6727 features 256Kbytes of RAM, a ROM module preloaded with DSP/BIOSTM and other valuable software, a 133Mhz SDRAM External Memory Interface (EMIF), and a powerful dMAX engine which can perform intelligent DMA transfers allowing the CPU to work on signal processing tasks. The C6727 DSP is also fully code-compatible with TI's scaleable family of floating point DSPs, allowing Polycom to easily adapt its products when new standards or requirements emerge.

"The SoundStructure series significantly raises the bar for installed-room audio systems by providing a truly immersive sound quality experience. It offers our customers unmatched audio quality and clarity without compromise for their voice and video conferences," said Craig H. Richardson, vice president and general manager of installed voice solutions, Polycom. "TI's extensive floating-point, code-compatible DSP portfolio provides the SoundStructure series with the necessary horsepower to deliver a solution unmatched in audio quality and clarity. In addition, using TI's highest performing, cost-effective DSP allows us to considerably reduce development time and also provides a foundation to support future technology."

To deliver a truly high fidelity conference experience, the SoundStructure applications use a host of DSP-intensive audio processing algorithms like acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, dynamics processing, equalization, noise cancellation, and audio mixing. The world class noise cancellation which reduces ambient noise in extremely challenging acoustic environments and the wide band (22kHhz) stereo acoustic echo cancellation are two of the more critical algorithms at the heart of the SoundStructure's leading immersive audio experience.

The C6727 DSP is fully supported by a number of TI development tools and kits and extensive TI DSP Third Party Network. Customers are already leveraging the Professional Audio Development Kit (PADK), which enables developers to quickly evaluate the performance of the C672x DSP generation and begin product development immediately. TI also offers DSP development tools such as Code Composer StudioTM Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which eliminates the need for assembly code and creates an easy-to-maintain code base.

The TI TMS320C6727 DSPs are available at 275 MHz, 300 MHz and 350 MHz. The PADK also is available now from Texas Instruments starting at $1995. For more information, visit www.ti.com