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TI Introduces Highest-Performance, Smallest 12-bit, 500 MSPS ADC

Nov 28, 2006

DALLAS (Nov. 28, 2006) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a monolithic 12-bit, 500 MSPS (mega samples per second) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) providing unmatched size and performance. The new pipeline ADC offers 64.5 dBFS signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) up to 500 MHz input frequency at 500 MSPS, bringing a new class of performance to customers previously confined to 8- and 10-bits of resolution. In a space-saving 14 mm x 14 mm package, the new ADC meets the resolution and speed requirements of applications such as communications, amplifier linearization, test and measurement instrumentation, software-defined radio and radar and imaging systems. (See www.ti.com/sc06210.)

Manufactured in TI's proprietary BiCom3 process technology optimized for high speed and low noise, the ADS5463 provides 84 dBc SFDR, 10.5 ENOB and an input bandwidth of 2 GHz while only consuming 2.25 watts of power. The ADC includes an internal reference generator and LVDS outputs with a half-clock rate, data-ready signal to simplify designs. In addition, the ADS5463 is a pin-compatible family member to TI's 13-bit, 250/210 MSPS ADS5444/ADS5440 and provides increased benefits to the system such as the following: 

  • Improved power amplifier linearization for digital pre-distortion (DPD) solutions 
  • Enhanced resolution for radar and advanced imaging 
  • Implementation of more standards in software-defined radios 
  • Direct IF sampling or elimination of an IF stage in multi-carrier receivers 
  • Advanced system performance for test and measurement

TI provides customers a state-of-the-art signal chain to complement the


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/9001), high-speed digital-to-analog converters (


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 high-performance DSP platforms.

Availability and Packaging

The ADS5463 is now available in an 80-pin TQFP PowerPADTM package (14 mm x 14mm) and is priced at $125.00 in 1,000-piece quantities for industrial temperature. Military temperature range, enhanced plastic and space-qualified versions are also available from TI. Samples and evaluation modules (EVMs) are available from www.ti.com

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