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TI Introduces DC/DC Power Module with Fast Transient Response for 3-GHz DSP Systems

PTH08T240F Reduces Output Capacitance by Up to 8x, Saving Significant Cost and Board Space in Point-of-Load System Design

Dec 4, 2006

DALLAS (December 4, 2006) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) introduced today a 10-A, non-isolated DC/DC power module with fast transient response and high performance. The plug-in module meets the strict three percent accuracy core voltage tolerance requirements of TI's newest 3-GHz digital signal processors (DSPs), such as the TMS320TCI6487, with only 3,000 uF of external output capacitance. The device also supports point-of-load systems that use high-performance DSPs, microprocessors, ASICs and FPGAs. See: www.ti.com/sc06227

Based on TI's extensive T2 family of devices, the new PTH08T240F incorporates TurboTransTM technology, which optimizes the power module's transient response and reduces the amount of output capacitance by up to eight times. The technology significantly reduces the peak output voltage deviation under transient load conditions, while saving the customer the cost and board space for additional capacitors.
The PTH08T240F has a wide input voltage range of 4.5 V to 14 V, and provides up to 92 percent power efficiency at 1.8 V output. The module's output voltage is adjustable from 0.7 V to 2 V, and features over-current protection and programmable under-voltage lockout. In addition, the PTH08T240F offers over-temperature protection, on/off inhibit control, differential remote sense and 1.5 percent DC output regulation.
The module is the first power management device that meets the core voltage tolerance requirements of TI's new TCI6487 DSP (see: www.ti.com/tci6487). The single chip, multi-core, 3-GHz DSP requires a core voltage rail between 0.9 V and 1.1 V with a source impedance of 2 milli-ohms. The TCI6487's voltage tolerance requirement for transient loads of up to 5 A is only 15 mV, which the PTH08T240F easily supports with only 3,000 uF of external output capacitance. This achievement allows wireless infrastructure base station OEMs using the new DSP to simplify their power system designs, while achieving optimal power performance and efficiency.  
SmartSync, another element of this module, allows for switching frequency synchronization of multiple modules, thereby simplifying electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise suppression tasks and reducing input capacitor ripple current requirements. The PTH08T240F also includes the Auto-TrackTM sequencing feature, which simplifies simultaneous power-up and power-down of multiple power modules in the system. 

Available Today

The PTH08T240F is sampling now and is scheduled to be available in volume production in early 2007 from TI and its authorized distributors. The module comes in surface-mount and through-hole packages. Suggested retail pricing is $11.80 in 1,000-piece quantities. Data sheets, application notes, samples and TI's comprehensive portfolio of power management ICs are available through power.ti.com.