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Skelmir® First to Port its CEE-J™ Virtual Machines to TI's DaVinci™ Technology for Set-Top Box Applications

Set-Top Box is First in a Wide Array of Vertical Markets Using Java That Will Leverage DaVinci Technology to Cut Development Time and Cost

Jan 9, 2007

LAS VEGAS, (Jan. 9, 2007) – Accelerating time to market and reducing the development cost of devices hosting Java applications, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that Skelmir's CEE-JTM Virtual Machines (VM) for embedded devices have been ported to, and optimized for, TI's DaVinciTM technology. Device manufacturers in a range of vertical markets – both consumer and industrial -- wishing to use the Java programming language to help future proof their products and build in portability, can now leverage the performance of TI's DaVinci technology. See www.ti.com/skelmir
Skelmir's first customers for TI's DaVinci technology are manufacturers in the IP set-top box market, enabling interactive TV for IPTV and terrestrial television where portability is key. Both proprietary and industry standard middleware are making this portability possible. When such middleware is written in Java, the CEE-J VM is a proven, integrated and established vehicle to enable more robust and feature-rich interactive viewing experiences on client devices. The same holds true for other embedded device markets where portability, advanced graphical capabilities, speed and robustness are needed for facilitating rich interactivity between users and their devices. Manufacturers that have been using CEE-J and want to take advantage of TI's DaVinci technology can now do so with the same proven technology.
"TI's DaVinci technology customers now have access to Skelmir's market-proven CEE-J solutions that manufacturers using our earlier devices have enjoyed," said Charlie Gonsalves, TI business development manager, digital video and streaming media. "The combination of our video-optimized DaVinci technology with the robust CEE-J software will enable manufacturers of devices hosting Java applications to harness the power TI provides into the device-centric solutions Skelmir's customers demand."
CEE-J makes using the Java programming language practical on resource constrained devices from set-top boxes to infotainment systems to Internet appliances and more. Whether a device calls for a minimal VM implementation or a complete platform for supporting OSGi, Multimedia Home Platform, OpenCable Applications Platform, browsers and other graphics intensive applications and services, Skelmir is proven in the marketplace on millions of devices. CEE-J features advanced graphical capabilities that are ideal for creating and executing device-centric user interfaces and experiences. It has a small footprint, imposing minimal demands on FLASH and RAM, freeing up expensive resources for revenue-generating applications while keeping the bill of materials to a minimum. In addition, CEE-J has been integrated with market-leading browsers and middleware stacks supporting various vertical markets. The CEE-J VM is available today for multiple TI processors, including those based on DaVinci technology, OMAPTM and the TMS320DM64xTM generation. 
"We are a customer-focused company, and our customers want access to TI's solid, feature-rich innovations, like DaVinci technology, that make it possible for our CEE-J technology to operate at its best," said Shari Agatstein, president, Skelmir, LLC. "We are committed to our relationship with TI, ensuring our offerings are available to customers to help them save time, save money and get to revenue as quickly as possible."
TI's DaVinci processors leverage TI's newest TMS320C64x+TM DSP core and consists of scalable, programmable digital signal processing SoCs, accelerators and peripherals that are optimized to match the price, performance and feature requirements for a broad spectrum of digital video end equipments. The portfolio includes the TMS320DM6446 and TMS320DM6443 processors, which are ideal for applications such as set top boxes. TI's DaVinci technology is an integrated offering of processors, software, tools and support, addressing digital video requirements across a range of applications. For more information on TI's DaVinci technology, please see www.thedavincieffect.com.