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GeoVision Announces New License Plate Recognition Using Texas Instruments DaVinci™ Digital Signal Processors

Sep 14, 2007

HOUSTON (September 14, 2007) - GeoVision Incorporated announced the collaboration with Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), a leading solution provider of digital signal processing (DSPs) solutions and analog technology in the development of license plate recognition technology or outdoor surveillance solutions. By adding TI's TMS320DM6446 processor based on DaVinci technology to an already highly sophisticated GV-series product line, GeoVision can provide an even more comprehensive surveillance solution by adding more value-added features to its worldwide customers and fulfill the needs of customers who require outdoor installations. GeoVision and TI will initially focus on an integrated DSP-based surveillance solution for the license plate recognition/automatic number plate recognition (LPR/ANPR). For more information, please visit www.thedavincieffect.com.

Taking advantage of TI's advanced DaVinci technology and without rotational devices such as an installed fan or hard disk drive, the non-PC-based GV-DSP LPR system is not only able to capture and deliver excellent quality video images, it is more resistant to changes in outdoor environment conditions. The GV-DSP LPR system provides seamless integration with the support of software and hardware offerings and is the foundation for GV-LPR centers for central control and database management. GeoVision's LPR system also selected TI analog technology including the TPS5420 DC/DC converter, the TPS3808G09 power management devices and the OPA357 operational amplifier to build up the complete and most efficient signal chain.

"Through combining TI DaVinci products and GeoVision LPR technology, GeoVision and TI expect to see a significant growth in the LPR/ANPR market," said George Tsai, CEO of GeoVision. "Our LPR system is not only cost effective to install but also scalable. It can be widely deployed and is able to create a high ROI for the customers as well as to fulfill intelligent transportation system needs."

While the GV-DSP LPR systems are currently utilized in areas such as traffic and law enforcement, access control and revenue collection, a more comprehensive system will greatly increase and ease surveillance for customers. The new GV-DSP LPR system will be extremely beneficial for operations that require constant surveillance of large numbers of automobiles, such as parking lot management, entrance management, automatic toll collection enforcement, traffic enforcement statistics, border surveillance, stolen vehicle search, congestion charge, inventory control, journey time/average speed calculation and petrol station drive-off prevention. The GV-DSP LPR system also incorporates several intelligent, value-added features, such as web-based interface for setup, live viewing and firmware upgrade, video search and analytics tools for marketing analysis, hardware watchdog for detecting hardware abnormality and digital watermarking to prevent recorded video images from tampering, etc.

"We are pleased that GeoVision selected TI's DaVinci technology and complementary analog technology for their LPR system products. The new solution will fuel the growing LPR market, which we see as a key emerging market for video security," said Eldon Teng, TI Asia DSP Marketing Director. "TI's innovative DaVinci technology coupled with GeoVision's expertise in the LPR market will help further accelerate and ease the development of new video surveillance applications and services."

Both GeoVision and TI will be participating in the upcoming ASIS International 2007 exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 24 to 26, 2007. A series of GeoVision LPR demos will be shown in booth #3771.

To learn more about GeoVision's LPR/ANPR solution, please visit GeoVision's LPR/ANPR solution website at www.geovision.com.tw/english/solution/GV-LPR_Intro.htm.