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Texas Instruments Unveils Integrated HDTV Processor and Development Platform with Full HD Video Processing

TI Demonstrates a Suite of Compelling HDTV and Networked DTV Solutions at CES 2007

Jan 8, 2006

LAS VEGAS (Jan. 8, 2007) -- Extending a field-proven portfolio of digital television (DTV) solutions, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the new TVP9010 integrated high-definition television (HDTV) processor and development platform. Using sophisticated video processing techniques and based on TI's world class mixed signal system-on-a-chip (SoC) design expertise, the highly integrated TVP9010 HDTV processor produces exceptionally high quality, full HD 1080p resolution images, as part of a cost-effective solution that fulfills the broadcast requirements for ATSC and DVB-T standards. The TVP9010 combines advanced video processing with optimally integrated, field-proven analog functions. In support of the upcoming DTV transition, TI is also unveiling an ATSC to NTSC converter box reference design based on the TVP9007, another processor in the TVP9x family, with integrated 8-VSB/QAM demodulator and HDTV processor. Demonstrations are available via invitation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 8-11, 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New Solutions Create Outstanding HDTV Picture Quality and Audio Performance

The innovative video processing technology found in the TVP9010 adds a new level of performance to TI's well-established TVP9x line of HDTV products. Technologically advanced video processing developed by TI produces sharp, clear moving images, vibrant colors, high contrast and lifelike skin tones for a natural video appearance. Advanced image filtering and correction techniques mitigate picture noise, and high-quality, field-proven 3D Y/C decoding of composite inputs provides compelling digital output from analog input signals. Manufacturer-controlled parameters enable differentiated picture characteristics by selectively tuning picture parameters, such as sharpness, contrast and color. The TVP9010 ATSC HDTV development platform leverages TI's extensive portfolio of video solutions by including TI-supplied 8-VSB/QAM demodulation, audio processing, and power management functions. In addition to the superb video capability offered by the TVP9010, TI's TAS3208 audio processor allows further product differentiation by enabling superb audio performance that can match the high definition viewing experience. This dedicated audio DSP is specifically designed for DTV audio applications and is included in the TVP9010 development platform. With this chipset TI leaps to the forefront of flat screen TV technology by offering a complete audio and video solution.

Carrying Forward a Tradition of DTV Technology

For more than a decade, TI has supplied advanced decoders, processors, converters, DLP® HDTVs and other important functions for digital TVs.

"TI has shipped two million HDTV processors for the ATSC market and fifty million NTSC/PAL 2D/3D video decoders worldwide, demonstrating our experience in providing field-proven key TV components," said Xucheng Wang, worldwide general manager, digital video business, TI. "With the TVP9010, designers can create great looking pictures on large screens from either an analog or digital source. Combined with TI's networking and multi-format codec/transcode technologies, our customers can develop next-generation TV products with future-proofed architectures."

Expertise and Vision for the Next Generation of HDTVs

To extend the functionality of the TVP9010 HDTV development platform and enable manufacturers to further differentiate and add value to their line-up, TI is demonstrating a networked DTV solution with an array of networking solutions based on its industry-leading DaVinciTM technology. DaVinci technology supports multi-format encode and decode and is used by many leading IP set-top box providers. Utilizing TI's networked DTV and flexible DaVinci technology, manufacturers will be able to develop differentiated HDTV sets that can stream rapidly growing IP content in real time.  


TI's new TVP9010 HDTV processor and reference design along with the TVP9007 converter box development platform are available now to selected customers.