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Hie Electronics Selects Products Based on TI's Digital Media Processors for Next-Generation Surveillance Storage Devices

Continuing its Momentum in the China Security Market, Hikvision's Product will be Installed in TBYTe 25 and TBYTe 50 Storage Devices

Nov 15, 2006

DALLAS (November 15, 2006) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and Hie Electronics, Inc., a new company developing next-generation, digital video surveillance applications for extended data storage devices, today announced the selection of Hikvision to provide the compression cards in Hie Electronics' video surveillance products. Hikvision is a leading provider of video surveillance products in China and has significantly advanced the development of China's video surveillance industry. Incorporating Hikvision's compression cards into Hie Electronics' advanced, flagship products will further augment offerings in the surveillance market, making it possible to capture and store an immense amount of data for security and surveillance applications.
The software programmability and video functionality made possible by TI's TMS320DM64x DSP-based digital media processor will be critical to homeland security and video security products - applications that increasingly require immense storage capacity for a vast amount of captured data. Hivision's solution based on TI's DM64x provides developers the flexibility essential for such video technology innovations.
"We are pleased to announce the selection of the Hikvision product family, which is based on TI's TMS320DM64x digital media processors. TI's data capture, compression and decompression technology allows our data storage device to run with significantly lower central processor utilization. Simply, that means an incredible increase in storage capacity and processing capability for the long-term storage of dense media data," said Pat Humm, chairman and CEO, Hie Electronics.
Hie Electronics conducted an in-depth evaluation of the video capabilities provided by all leading video data processors in the marketplace. Hie Electronics estimates that the TI-based technology efficiently reduces central processor utilization to less than 20 percent. Other video capture and compression products had central processor utilization usage testing up to 80-95 percent. According Hie Electronics' research results, the Hikvision product based on TI's technology is the most efficient available.
"The ability to create differentiated digital video surveillance applications is a critical requirement in choosing DSP platforms. As the leading DSP manufacturer in the world, TI easily stands out with the processing capabilities and rich peripherals of its TMS320DM64x digital media processor," said Hu Yangzong, general manager, Hikvision.
As an outstanding innovator in China's digital video industry, Hikvision has significantly driven the development of the country's video surveillance market and maintained its number one position in China. The company has also made impressive progress in the development of the international market. TI's high performance, programmable digital media processors allow Hikvision to continuously improve its own H.264 video compression technology as well as to expand its digital video surveillance product lines, winning a high reputation in the industry through its outstanding quality.
The TMS320DM64x digital media processors are optimized for video and include a range of high-performance and low-cost options. The DM64x generation of digital media processors are fully programmable and offer industry-leading performance for the most demanding streaming multimedia applications. The platform features a high-performance TMS320C64xTM DSP core and integrates multiple high precision video ports, seamless Ethernet interfaces, multi-channel audio ports and high speed PCI interfaces on the chip, meeting the demands of multimedia and digital video communications. It supports fast object detection and tracking in video surveillance applications, streaming media applications, and multiple channel decoding and network transmission for image enhancements, as well as better audio quality and system control in other video applications. Leveraging the DM64x device's system advantages for innovation is the key to winning over competition for Hikvision in the digital video monitoring market. 
Complementing TMS320DM64x digital media processors, the Hikvision product leverages TI's high performance analog and logic technology. For example, the TVP5150A video decoder allows for ultra-low-power consumption, consuming 113 mW of power in typical operation and less than 1 mW in power-down mode. The TPS54310 buck converter, designed to power high-performance DSPs, provides two integrated metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) drivers to save board space, component count and overall system cost.
TI and Hikvision executives are excited about the impact of potential applications for Hie Electronics' data storage solution, which currently integrates TI's DM64x and will soon integrate TI's DaVinciTM technology. Hie Electronics is launching its TeraStack Solution product slate and expects to offer the TBYTe 25 and TBYTe 50 for early 2007 delivery and the TBYTe 200 in 2008.