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TI Expands FlatLink™ 3G Family for Mobile Phones to Provide Increased Design Flexibility

Oct 5, 2006

DALLAS (Oct. 5, 2006) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE: TXN] today introduced the expansion of its FlatLinkTM3G family of high-speed interface integrated circuits that transmit true 24-bit (16 million color) RGB color data for high-resolution video content in handheld electronics such as clamshell phones, multimedia players and digital cameras. The new one- and two-channel subLVDS (sub-low voltage differential signaling) serializers and deserializers support LCD resolutions from QVGA to XGA, including VGA, allowing designers to choose devices that specifically meet their resolution needs. (See www.ti.com/sc06178.)  

The SN65LVDS303 transmitter and SN65LVDS304 receiver support LCD resolutions of QVGA and HVGA over one subLVDS serial link or VGA over two links. The SN65LVDS305 and SN65LVDS306 transmitter and receiver pair offer QVGA and HVGA resolutions over one single link. The new devices follow TI's previously released SN65LVDS301 and SN65LVDS302, which support resolutions from QVGA up to XGA. All FlatLink3G serializers and deserializers provide a high-speed interface between LCD and mobile application processors such as TI's widely-adopted OMAPTM platform.
TI's expanded FlatLink3G family broadens the company's interface IC offering for telecommunications, consumer electronics, computing, industrial and automotive applications. Please see the Interface Selection Guide for more information at interface.ti.com.

Available Today

The SN65LVDS303 transmitter, SN65LVDS304 receiver, SN65LVDS303 transmitter and SN65LVDS304 receiver are available today in a 5-mm x 5-mm MicroStar JuniorTM ball-grid array (BGA) package. Support for designers will include IBIS models.