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TI Eases Multi-Radio Handset Designs by Extending its OMAP™ Technology Center Program

Enhanced Program Enables Scalability of Cellular and Non-Cellular Wireless Technologies for Handset Manufacturers

Oct 17, 2006

DALLAS (Oct. 17, 2006) -- To ease the development and design of mobile phones with multiple wireless technologies, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE: TXN] today announced the extension of its successful OMAPTM Technology Center (OTC) program to include support of TI's WLAN, Bluetooth® technology and mobile TV solutions. TI's OTCs provide handset manufacturers and developers access to a broad range of wireless systems expertise adding their value and products on top of TI's wireless solutions. By extending its OTC program to non-cellular solutions, TI is further speeding time to market for handset manufacturers who offer advanced 2.5G and 3G devices based on TI's OMAPTM platform and OMAP-VoxTM processors. 
OTCs can now become authorized to provide support for TI's non-cellular wireless technologies, including the WiLinkTM WLAN platform, BlueLinkTM Bluetooth solutions and the HollywoodTM mobile TV single chip. The first OTCs to become authorized for this extended program are Sasken, authorized for BlueLink solutions, and TapRoot Systems, authorized for WiLink mobile WLAN platforms.
"Bluetooth and WLAN are must-haves for next generation handset designs. The extension of the successful OMAP Technology Center program to TI's non-cellular wireless platforms will enable manufacturers to scale their operations to quickly deliver new multi-radio handsets with development support from TI's ecosystem partners like Sasken and TapRoot," said Marc Cetto, general manager of TI's Mobile Connectivity Solutions.
Members of the OMAP Technology Center program who work with TI's OMAP platform and OMAP-Vox processors can now become authorized to provide their services on top of TI's non-cellular solutions, facilitating a system-level approach to implementing complex multi-radio mobile devices. The first two OTC members to achieve this designation, Sasken and Taproot, have extensive experience with TI's OMAP platform in supporting handset manufacturers with the design and development of new mobile devices.
"Sasken is excited to be one of the first members of TI's extended OMAP Technology Center program. Sasken has deep experience with TI's OMAP platform and is now authorized for TI's BlueLink Bluetooth solutions. We are also working to become the first OTC authorized across the majority of TI's wireless portfolio to deliver complete system support for the most connected mobile phones in the market," said Rajiv Mody, CEO of Sasken.
"TapRoot is proud to be the first OTC authorized for TI's WiLink mobile WLAN platform. Leveraging our expertise in WLAN, the OMAP platform and support for Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Linux, manufacturers can get new mobile WLAN-enabled smartphones to market faster with TI's WiLink single-chip solutions," said Hugh Thomas, CEO of TapRoot Systems.

About TI's OMAP Technology Center Program

TI's OMAP Technology Centers (OTCs) provide systems integration and development support, a key part of the complete system solution TI offers for mobile devices. Located throughout the world, independent OTCs have the expertise necessary to get customers to market quickly with robust, power-efficient products based on TI's OMAP platform, which includes high performance, low-power processors, software and comprehensive support. Additionally, TI's OTC program includes companies who also support TI's non-cellular wireless technologies including WiLink mobile WLAN, BlueLink Bluetooth and Hollywood mobile TV solutions to help manufacturers speed development of the most connected handsets on the market. For information about the worldwide network of independent OMAP Technology Centers, visit www.ti.com/otc.