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LGE Selects Texas Instruments OMAP-Vox™ Platform for EDGE Market

Aug 17, 2006

DALLAS (August 17, 2006) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) (TI) and LG Electronics (LGE) today announced that LGE has chosen TI's OMAP-VoxTM platform for a new series of EDGE handsets. Built on TI's leading OMAPTM platform, the OMAP-Vox platform is a family of integrated, high-performance application and communication processors designed to enable manufacturers to deliver multimedia applications to the mass market. The first LGE handsets to leverage TI's OMAP-Vox platform will be the LG240 for Canada available in August 2006, and the ME240 for South America available in September 2006. The handsets will incorporate TI's OMAPV1030 chipset to provide multimedia capabilities coupled with EDGE functionality. 
"LGE is pleased to continue extending its long-standing relationship with TI to include the growing EDGE market," said Dr. Skott Ahn, Executive Vice President, Head of LGE Mobile Handset R&D Center. "Because of its deep experience with its proven OMAP platform, TI understands how delivering compelling multimedia applications to handsets is essential in driving growth. Providing affordable feature-rich handsets is essential to LGE as we address consumer demand in the mass market."
The OMAPV1030 solution delivers advanced capabilities such as advanced video capture, playback and streaming; digital still camera features; color LCD; and interactive 2D/3D gaming. The OMAPV1030 processor also leverages TI's success in applications processing for smartphones to address the demand for multimedia applications in the feature phone wireless market.
"Cool multimedia applications once reserved only for high-end smartphones are now migrating to more affordable feature phones," said Alain Mutricy, vice president, cellular systems for Texas Instruments. "TI's OMAP-Vox platform is enabling manufacturers such as LGE to deliver this through extensive modem and applications software re-use. TI's WCDMA solutions leverage the OMAPV1030, which will save LGE time and development costs as it migrates from EDGE to WCDMA."
TI's OMAPV1030 processor is one of the industry's most integrated and optimized EDGE solutions, leveraging TI's leading modem and OMAP technology and its advanced high-volume 90nm digital process technology. The solution is based on the OMAP1710 architecture and runs both GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem and applications processing on a single OMAP core, leveraging ARM926TEJ and TI DSP capabilities. This architecture serves as the foundation for the scalable OMAP-Vox hardware architecture and is designed to easily extend from 2.5G to 3G and beyond.
The LGE handsets also incorporate TI's BRF6150 single-chip Bluetooth® solution, which enables Bluetooth headset functionality and wireless synchronization and downloads of multimedia files. Optimized for mobile terminals, the BRF6150 chip is a highly integrated Bluetooth Specification v2.0, certified CMOS solution forming a complete Bluetooth wireless networking system.