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TI linear regulator aimed at MSP430-based applications

150-mA, dual-level output LDOs with 500-nA quiescent current

Mar 3, 2008

DALLAS (March 3, 2008) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced 150-mA, low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) with dual-level voltage output for MSP430 microcontroller-based, battery-powered devices. Consuming the lowest quiescent current in the industry at 500-nanoAmps, the LDO's voltage select (VSET) pin gives designers the ability to switch between two voltage levels to customize and reduce power consumption during operation. See: www.ti.com/tps780xx-pr.

TI's new ultra-low power TPS780xx LDOs with selectable dual-level output voltages allow designers to dynamically shift to a lower voltage level in a battery-powered design when the microprocessor is in sleep mode. The two voltage levels are preset at the factory by applying a unique architecture using EPROM, which provides multiple output voltage options.
The LDO requires no external parts to implement the device's dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) feature for a 16-bit MSP430 or other microcontroller design. The TPS780xx is stable with any output capacitor greater than 1uF. The devices come in a 6-pin, 2 mm x 2 mm, SON package, which is targeted at portable applications, such as mobile handsets, digital still cameras and MSP430 microcontroller-based applications that require low power, while maintaining a small footprint.

Key features of the TPS780xx family:

  • 150-mA low dropout regulator with pin-selectable dual level output
  • Low dropout: 250-mV (typical) at 150-mA
  • 3-percent typical accuracy over load/line/temperature
  • Low total quiescent current: 500-nA
  • Adjustable or fixed output voltages ranging from 1.22 V to 5.25 V. Fixed output voltages easily modified using factory EPROM programming.
  • VSET pin toggles between two factory preset voltage levels
  • Thermal shutdown and overcurrent protection

Pricing and availability

The TPS780xx family of LDOs are sampling today. Volume production is expected in March. Suggested retail pricing in 1,000-piece quantities is $0.75. Other LDOs supporting MSP430 microcontrollers include the TPS781xx with a 1-uA quiescent current, TPS797xx and TPS715xx regulators. For a full range of LDOs, see power.ti.com.

TI enables innovation with a broad range of controllers

From ultra-low power MSP430 and 32-bit general purpose TMS470 ARM7&#174-based MCUs to high performance TMS320C2000TM digital signal controllers, TI offers designers a broad range of embedded control solutions. Designers can also accelerate their design to market by tapping into TI's complete software and hardware tools, extensive third party offerings and technical support. For more information on the broad range of TI's controllers, see www.ti.com/mcu.