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TI Ships 3 Million Decoders To Chinese Digital Video Surveillance Innovator Hikvision

Aug 7, 2006

DALLAS (Aug. 7, 2006) – Helping to expand the video security market in China, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced it has shipped 3 million units of its TVP5150AM1 ultra-low-power video decoder to Hikvision, the leading provider of video surveillance products in China. Hikvision leverages the optimized architecture of the TVP5150AM1 in compression cards, digital video recoders (DVRs), and video server products.

As an innovator in China’s digital video industry, Hikvision has significantly elevated the development of China’s video surveillance industry and has maintained its number one position in that market for many years. The company has also made impressive progress in the development of the international market overall. By leveraging TI’s video decoder technology, as well as the company’s complete video security solution, which includes DSP and analog chips, Hikvision has been able to expand its digital video surveillance product lines, winning a reputation for outstanding quality. See www.hikvision.com.

“As a benchmark, 3 million units shipped is a testament to the strength of the partnership we have with Texas Instruments,” said Mr. Wei-Qi Wu, Chief Operating Office, Hikvision. “We were eager to collaborate with TI because of its leadership in digital video technology and their commitment to continually improving their product line. The TVP5150AM1 has been an outstanding device that has enabled us to develop low-power, high quality compression cards for our cameras, and we look forward to building on this successful relationship in the future.”

Equipped with 4-line Y/C separation implementations, the world’s first small size video decoder provides uncompromised video decoding quality for surveillance applications. The optimized architecture of the TVP5150AM1 device allows for ultra-low-power consumption, consuming 113 mW of power in typical operation and less than 1 mW in power-down mode. The device uses just one crystal for all supported standards and uses a 1.8-V supply for its analog and digital supplies, and a 3.3-V supply for its I/O.

“We are very pleased that our relationship with Hikvision, a trendsetter in China’s video surveillance market, has been such a mutual success, leading to 3 million units shipped and enabling cutting-edge digital video products,” said Li Zhang, Asia marketing manager for TI Digital Video. “As Hikvision continues to leverage the low-power TVP5150AM1, we hope to see this partnership grow as we unveil next-generation decoders for our end-to-end digital video portfolio.”

Hikvision is also evaluating TI’s recently released, next-generation TVP5154 decoder. Designed specifically for digital video surveillance, the TVP5154 combines four TVP5150AM1 devices into a single chip. It is a 4-channel, low power NTSC/PAL/SECAM video decoder that is optimized for low-power consumption, consuming less than 720 mW of power in typical operation. It includes built-in independent scalers, an advantage and feature over the TVP5150AM1, further illustrating TI’s commitment to improving video decoders for the security market.

TI offers the complete signal chain for digital video surveillance, including digital signal processors (DSP), audio components, and analog signal conditioning and power products. In addition to decoders, Hikvsion has used TI’s TMS320DM64x™ generation of digital media processors, the mainstream platform for digital video and media applications in the industry, and it has committed to migrating to TI’s DaVinci™ technology platform. The TVP5150AM1, the TVP5154 and the rest of TI’s complete line of digital video solutions are available today through TI distributors.