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Texas Instruments rolls out support for Microsoft unified communications platform with solutions for VoIP equipment manufacturers

Integration of Microsoft RT Audio Codec in TI's VoIP solutions allows OEMs to quickly develop Microsoft-compatible IP devices for enterprise and SMB markets

Mar 4, 2008

DALLAS (March 4, 2008) - Furthering its commitment to deliver the highest level of quality in voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks, Texas Instruments, Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] today announced the availability of Microsoft RT Audio Codec in TI's leading VoIP chipset solutions. RT Audio Codec offers TI's OEM customers compatibility with Microsoft unified communications platform and leverages the power of TI's digital signal processing (DSP) technology for superior flexibility and performance. This integrated VoIP solution from TI equips OEMs with a robust platform that can support the development of a wide array of communications devices including IP phones, video conferencing products, mobile devices, voice gateways and other CPE endpoints.

"We recognize TI's proven history in developing leading technologies for enterprises in the VoIP market. OEMs look to TI's technology because its flexibility, performance and power capabilities significantly enhance the features and improve voice quality in the network," said Moz Hussain, director of product management, Unified Communications Group, at Microsoft Corp. "By integrating RT Audio Codec on its CPE platforms, TI is working with Microsoft to extend the footprint of potential endpoints that conform to the Unified Communications Device Qualification and are able to display the 'Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator' logo."

Microsoft RT Audio Codec software is an advanced wideband speech codec designed for real-time two-way VoIP applications. TI has worked with Microsoft to license the RT Audio Codec and incorporate it onto its VoIP platforms to ensure that OEMs can quickly deliver new IP communications solutions to the growing enterprise and SMB markets. By offering compatibility with Microsoft unified communications platform, TI's VoIP solutions enable customers to focus on differentiating their product offerings with their own value-added services. Furthermore, the integration of RT Audio Codec onto TI's flexible DSPs allows OEMs to develop new products for many different applications such as IP phones, mobile phones, gateways and videophones. RT Audio Codec will be available on TI DSPs in mid-2008.

"By working closely with Microsoft to include their wideband codec into TI's VoIP solutions, we are supporting the dissemination of unified communications solutions to the market and further enabling Microsoft to quickly meet the application demands of service providers, enterprises and SMBs," said Brian Glinsman, general manager of TI's communications infrastructure and voice business. "TI and Microsoft are two leading communications companies, and by joining efforts, we are enabling businesses to take advantage of the benefits of VoIP and ultimately help them quickly bring devices that are optimized for Microsoft unified communications platform to market."