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Texas Instruments new audio processor with digital output brings greater performance for higher fidelity in consumer audio

Mar 5, 2008

DALLAS (March 5, 2008) - Reinforcing its commitment to provide high-quality integrated circuits for consumer audio electronics, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE: TXN] today announced a new addition to its line of high-performance digital audio processors. The new TAS3308 audio System on a Chip (SoC) is a single-chip solution that offers exceptional processing power for audio equipment manufacturers to create demanding applications such as digital television (DTV) audio subsystems, mini/micro component systems, 5.1 speaker bars and other consumer audio electronics.
Further improving upon TI's legacy of developing high-end audio solutions, the TAS3308 integrates an analog multiplexer and stereo analog-to-digital converter (ADC) along with a high-performance digital audio processor and six Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) output channels. This high degree of hardware integration is complemented with the intuitive PurePath Studio software development environment to allow customers to bring products with advanced digital audio signal processing to market with minimal investment in both hardware and software development resources.

High performance, system-level integration

Texas Instruments' new processor features a fully-integrated digital audio signal chain including PWM outputs, reducing system cost and complexity and allowing for the direct drive of class D power stages. The TAS3308 audio SoC builds on proven technology introduced in the highly-successful line of TI audio processors, which have already been implemented in a broad array of consumer audio products from leading manufacturers. The core of the new device is a high-performance digital audio processor based on TI's industry-leading digital signal processing technology. Superior high-resolution audio processing comes from a 48-bit data path that supplies the high level of precision required by advanced audio algorithms. Running at 135 MHz, the TAS3308 processor also includes an on-chip microcontroller that handles control and communications in order to optimize system performance. Integrated analog functionality includes a stereo single ended ADC with 100 dB Dynamic Range (DNR), a 10 input analog multiplexer and six differential PWM outputs with 105 dB DNR.

The processing performance advantage offered by the device enables designers to deliver value in such products as HDTV, where consumers expect the high fidelity of the audio to match the picture quality. For more information see www.ti.com/tas3308.

"Texas Instruments' TAS3308 audio SoC gives system designers a wide range of easy-to-use digital output options for implementing HDTVs and other high-end audio consumer electronics," said Cecelia Smith, product line manager for TI's Mixed Signal Audio and Video group. "With the TAS3308 and other audio solutions, TI is working to give designers the performance, flexibility, cost-efficiency and support they need to compete effectively with value-added products in the consumer market."

Time-saving development support

The flexibility and depth of software support for the TAS3308 speeds time to market, promotes customization and product differentiation, and allows developers to provide consumers with high quality audio at an affordable cost. The device is fully supported by a traditional digital signal processor (DSP) software development tool kit and by the PurePath Studio graphical development environment, a highly efficient drag-and-drop development environment that accelerates the creation of new audio products. Developers have full control of audio processing and can draw on an extensive portfolio of pre-programmed basic audio functions and advanced audio algorithms from TI and leading third parties.

PWM amps for a complete solution

The TAS3308 SoC is complemented by TI's TAS5xxx line of PWM power stages. The TAS3308's PWM control and the TAS5xxx power stages are designed using TI's market-proven PurePath PWM technology and are engineered to work together seamlessly at the board level, ensuring simple system integration and high-quality audio performance with minimal development effort. The TAS5xxx devices are pin-compatible and power-scalable, so that audio designers can create a variety of multi-channel system configurations with outputs ranging from 13 to 315 watts per channel using virtually the same TAS3308 board layout.

The TAS3308 Audio System on a Chip is sampling now, with volume availability scheduled for the first quarter of 2008. The device is packaged in a 100-pin quad flatpack (QFP). Suggested retail pricing is $5.60 in quantities of 10,000.

Extending TI's offering for home entertainment audio

The TAS3308 joins TI's complete offering for home entertainment audio. From industry-leading DSPs and high-performance analog (HPA) solutions, TI delivers the most reliable, scaleable and power-efficient solutions for simple and complex audio designs. For more information see the Audio Solutions Guide at ti.com/audio.