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TI introduces high-performance, dual-mode DisplayPort switches and HDMI/DVI level translators

Connects new PC video standard to monitors and TVs

Mar 11, 2008

DALLAS (March 11, 2008) - Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced three compact DisplayPort devices that provide connectivity between personal computers and video displays. The low-power devices support data signaling rates up to 2.7 Gbps to accommodate DisplayPort and high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) speeds, commonly used to link desktop and notebook PCs and docking stations to DLP&#174 projectors, computer monitors and digital TVs. (See www.ti.com/sn75dp129-pr.)

The SN75DP122, SN75DP128 and SN75DP129 all provide one dual-mode DisplayPort input and flexible outputs to enable connectivity between a range of devices. Dual-mode is the ability of the graphics processor unit (GPU) to transmit either DisplayPort or HDMI/DVI data over the DisplayPort signal lines while supporting the required control signals.

Flexible outputs provide connectivity options

The SN75DP129 translator has one dual-mode DisplayPort input and one transition-minimized differential signaling (TMDS) output. This device can function as a DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI dongle converter for external attachment to notebook PCs. This will enable end users to connect laptops with DisplayPort outputs to monitors with DVI inputs. The translator can also be used in applications that display PC video data on digital TVs.

The SN75DP128 is a high-performance switch with one DisplayPort input to one of two DisplayPort outputs. This device can be used in conjunction with laptop docking stations. It allows the GPU to direct video data either through the docking station connector or to a DisplayPort edge connector.
The SN75DP122 features one DisplayPort input to either a DisplayPort or a level translated TMDS output, allowing flexible connection to either a monitor or a TV. On this device, the auxiliary port can be configured as an I2C port with an integrated I2C repeater, which is required for HDMI operation.
Both the SN75DP128 and SN75DP122 support switching of the bi-directional auxiliary, hot plug detect (HPD) and cable adapter detect channels. An integrated level-shifter for the HPD line is provided, which avoids the need to use additional components. The pinouts of all three devices are optimized for easy flow-through printed circuit board layout.
In addition to these DisplayPort devices, TI offers a broad array of electrostatic discharge protection solutions and low-power video switches such as the TS3DV421, which are fully compliant with the HDMI and DisplayPort standards. They contribute to TI's broad interface product offering including families of products for M-LVDS, LVDS, CAN, RS-485 and PCI-Express standards. Please see the Interface Selection Guide for more information.

About DisplayPort

DisplayPort is a royalty-free digital video interface standard from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). It is intended for internal and external display connections. Compared to existing standards, it offers improved audio and video performance over one cable and more compact sockets and connectors for notebook PCs and LCD displays.

Pricing and availability

The SN75DP122 and SN75DP128 are available now from TI and its authorized distributors in a 56-pin QFN package. Suggested resale pricing is $1.90 and $1.65, respectively. The SN75DP129 is available now in a 36-pin QFN package with suggested resale pricing at $1.30. All pricing is in 1,000-piece quantities.