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TI Delivers Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity at Home and On the Go

Latest Development Kit Provides WLAN for Battery-Operated Devices

May 30, 2006

DALLAS (May 30, 2006) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] today announced its Consumer Electronics WLAN Developer Kit (CE WLAN DK) 2.0. TI's latest development kit provides manufacturers with the systems-level building blocks they need to add Wi-Fi connectivity to battery-operated devices from digital still cameras and portable media players (PMPs) to emerging communications and entertainment applications.
According to Dell'Oro Group reports, wireless LANs are increasingly used to distribute "triple-play" services (data, voice, and video) in the home. Dell'Oro forecasts shipments of residential DSL gateways with wireless LAN capability to triple from 2005 to 2008, rising from 10 to 30 million. To capitalize on this trend, consumer electronics companies should look to incorporate wireless capabilities in their products to connect to these fast growing networks.

Simple to Configure, Robust WLAN Connects Portable Products

TI brings a unique approach to the emerging CE market, offering complete development platforms for manufacturers to embed Wi-Fi in their devices. The company has enabled leading broadband providers to add WLAN to their DSL, cable and voice products and is extending this systems-level approach to CE.

Products leveraging TI's recently announced CE WLAN DK 1.0 for stationary and 2.0 for portable applications enable consumers to enjoy the most robust Wi-Fi experience regardless of their location. TI technology allows users to easily configure their WLAN and exchange audio and video files or other data wirelessly between devices like PMPs, without the fear of dropped signals or loss of battery power.

"Manufacturers must offer products with WLAN that are easy to use, seamlessly compatible with other devices and extend battery life at reasonable price points," said Steve Schnier, CE WLAN product line manager with TI's Residential Gateway and Embedded Systems business unit. "TI enhances the consumer's Wi-Fi experience with simple configuration, robust connections and improved battery life."

Development Platform Approach Speeds Time to Market

Manufacturers looking to embed Wi-Fi benefit from TI's development platform approach. These systems-level tools include host processor support, the CE WLAN DK 2.0 and access to TI's third party network. This approach enables OEMs to focus on their core applications, accelerating their development time from design through production and reducing integration issues.

TI's CE WLAN DK 2.0 is built to interface directly with leading processor platforms using an SDIO interface such as OMAP


 processors and processors based on DaVinci


 technology. The CE WLAN DK 2.0 is available as part of the platform and comprises a hardware reference design, WLAN chipset and software driver package. The kit is tailored for portable applications and optimized for performance, coverage, battery life and size. 

Tremendous Performance in a Tiny Module

The CE WLAN DK 2.0 features enable best-in-class performance and range, while also enabling longer battery life. The kit delivers 50 percent greater throughput and twice the range of competing solutions. The SDIO interface has been maximized to deliver 20+ Mbps throughput to the host processor while consuming minimum host resources. The solution also features receive sensitivities better than -75dBm at 54 Mbps OFDM. Portable applications can adjust the output power to maximize reach or minimize battery use with variable output power from 6 to 16 dBm.

TI's WLAN subsystem features a small form factor ideal for portable applications. Manufactured in 90nm advanced RF-CMOS process, the subsystem is 11mm x 11mm x 1.5mm and includes the media access controller (MAC) baseband (BB) processor /radio, power amplifier, battery power management, EEPROM, crystal and band pass filter and associated remaining bill of materials (RBOM). The RBOM is just 22 components, a third of competing solutions.

TI's Partners Provide Design Options

In addition to TI platforms, manufacturers can leverage the company's partner network to speed development time and further differentiate next-generation products. Portable partners include eSOL, Ittiam, Ingenient and JorJin who offer products from simple operating system (OS) ports to complete end-equipment reference designs.

"By collaborating with TI, we deliver a fully tested and calibrated module that is easily embedded in a variety of CE devices, enabling CE manufacturers to reach the market faster," said Tom Liang, CEO of Jorjin Technologies, Inc., a well-established leader in embedded WLAN in broadband devices and a member of TI's partner network.

About TI's CE WLAN DK 2.0 for Portable Applications

TI's CE WLAN Development Kit for portable devices includes a hardware reference design, chipset and software driver package.

  • Hardware Reference Design (PCA-202): The complete reference design utilizing TI's WLAN chipset is designed to pass FCC and Wi-Fi certification, enabling manufacturers to reach the market quickly. 
  • WLAN Chipset (TNETW1351/TNETW3526/5100): The TNETW1351 is the single-chip MAC baseband processor/radios in 90nm RF-CMOS process technology. The TNETW3526 is the power amplifier and the 5100 is the battery power management for the WLAN subsystem. The chipset is optimized for sensitivity, minimal battery power use and small size. 
  • Software Driver Package (CE-STA-DK 2.0): TI's full featured software driver package enables security including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA2, quality of service including Windows Multimedia (WMM) and 802.11e,and, ease of use including Wi-Fi Simple Configuration support. The SDIO interface offers the highest throughput, maximized to deliver 20+ Mbps, with the lowest CPU utilization. 


The CE WLAN DK 2.0 for portable applications is sampling today. For more information on TI's CE WLAN offerings, visit www.ti.com/cewlan