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Texas Instruments Network Support Package Enables Comprehensive Remote Management, Exceptional Voice and Sophisticated Quality of Service

Turn-Key Software Solution Provides Fast Time to Market with Key Routing and Management Features

May 8, 2006

DALLAS (May 8, 2006) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE:TXN) (TI) today announced it has made substantial updates to its gateway software solution, the Network Support Package (NSP) 3.7.1, enabling manufacturers to quickly and easily make improvements across product lines and realize faster time-to-market and return on investment.
The latest version of this field-proven network stack includes improved system performance and throughput, enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) and policy routing, enhanced Telogy SoftwareTM for Voice over DSL applications and improved remote management, including support for DSL Forum TR-069. Ideally suited for TI's market-leading AR7 residential gateway solutions, NSP 3.7 is also designed for quick migration to devices based on TI's next-generation UR8 architecture.
"TI continues to invest in NSP to enable our customers to maintain a competitive advantage and get to market quickly," said D'Andre Ladson, product line manager for TI's Residential Gateway and Embedded Systems business. "NSP 3.7 builds upon previous NSP offerings with improved QoS, comprehensive remote management capabilities and enhanced voice quality."
In addition to industry standard support of Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH), ClearEoC and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), NSP 3.7.1 improves on remote management with the addition of DSL Forum TR-069 support. TR-069 defines a mechanism that encompasses secure auto-configuration of a CPE and also incorporates other CPE management functions into a common framework. NSP 3.7.1 has the system infrastructure to evolve as TR-069 supplemental definitions continue to be introduced.
NSP 3.7.1 also integrates a sophisticated QoS framework, which provides much more than ensuring available bandwidth and minimum delays for time-sensitive applications such as video and voice. NSP 3.7.1 solves the challenges of supporting different QoS markings from different networks by maintaining full control over packets from the time they are received until the time they leave the gateway. It also leverages Telogy SoftwareTM to include support for Supplementary Services, 2-port Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) telephony interface support and secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP). It also supports TI's PIQUATM embedded IP quality management technology, offering real-time monitoring of IP services. PIQUA technology allows service providers to proactively assess network quality parameters and dynamically adapt to changing conditions to enhance the subscriber experience.