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Hikvision and TI Collaborate to Drive Digital Video Innovations

Apr 5, 2006

BEIJING (April 5, 2006) – At the International Security Conference West (ISC West) , Las Vegas, USA, Hikvision is going to demonstrate digital video security product series based on digital media processors from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN].. As an outstanding innovator in China’s digital video industry, Hikvision has significantly elevated the development of the China video surveillance industry and maintained its No. 1 position in the China market over the years. The company has also made an impressive progress in the development of the international market. TI’s high performance, programmable digital media processors provides Hikvision’s developers with a great flexibility for video technology innovations. This allows Hikvision to continuously improve its own H.264 video compression technology as well as to expand its digital video surveillance product lines, winning a high reputation in the industry through its outstanding quality. Hikvision’s booth number in ISC West is 4133. For more information, please see: www.hikvision.com.

“As the leader of digital video technology in China, Hikvision has made remarkable achievements. We are very pleased to partner with such a trendsetter in China and also excited about our successful cooperation with Hikvision,” said Eldon Teng, Director of DSP/MCU Business Development, TI Asia. “TI’s software programmable digital media processors enable better flexibility for product development and accelerate time to market. The compatibility of our digital media processors also make it easy for our customer in transiting to new TI DSP platforms and developing their future products. We believe that our new DaVinci technology will help create greater successes for Hikvision.”

“The ability of creating product differentiation in digital video surveillance applications is a critical requirement in choosing DSP platforms. As the leading DSP manufacturer in the world, TI’s TMS320DM642 digital media processor easily stands out with its powerful digital processing capabilities and rich peripheral,” said Hu Yangzong, General Manager of Hikvision. “TI’s powerful digital signal processor ensures capabilities of software programmability in realizing unique video functionality. Software programmability benefits us with high-speed, flexible and easy upgrade. Its rich peripheral enables lower product complexity and cost. We are committed to constantly improving and optimizing our algorithms and hope to develop more new digital video surveillance products based on TI’s next generation digital media platform.”

TI’s TMS320DM64x digital media processor family which now includes DaVinci technology has become the mainstream platform for digital video and media applications in the industry. The platform features a high-performance C64x DSP core and integrates multiple high precision video ports, seamless Ethernet interfaces, multi-channel audio ports and high speed PCI interfaces on the chip, meeting the demands of multimedia and digital video communications. The new 720 MHz platform possesses higher performances to support HD video steaming and Hi-fi broadcasting applications. It supports the fast object detection and tracking in video surveillance applications, streaming media applications, and multiple channel decoding and network transmission for image enhancements, as well as better audio quality and system control in other video applications. Leveraging DM642 platform’s system advantages to for innovation is the key to win over competition for Hikvision in the digital video monitoring market.

“Digital video surveillance embraces a big demand and a wide range of applications. Based on Hikvision’s video compression board card, Shanghai Howell has developed many special functions for different applications, such as digital fuzzy image restoration processing and intelligent playback search engine,” said Wang Ji, General Manager of Shanghai Howell. “We are looking forward digital multimedia processors with higher performance, stronger processing ability and richer external interfaces from semiconductor suppliers to meet the increasing demands of different end users.”

To better meet the demands in price, performance and functionality from a wide range of  digital video end equipment, TI announced DaVinci™ technology platform, bringing digital media product integration to a new level. DaVinci product is a SOC system incorporating a high-performance DSP and ARM core. In addition, it includes advanced video processor, optimized video accelerator and integrates extremely rich multifunctional peripherals, such as audio and video port, Ethernet interface, USB2.0 interface, high speed VLYNQ interface, hard disk and various storage media interfaces. Hikvision is very optimistic about DaVinci technology and expects to develop more innovative products based on this new powerful platform.

To strengthen technical cooperation, Hikvision and TI have established a joint DSP Solutions Lab in March, 2006. The lab is dedicated for research and development in advanced digital video technical solutions for the Chinese and international market, driving continuous digital video innovations.