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Texas Instruments Offers New Curriculum Resources for Physics Educators

TI's free, online resource helps enrich student learning in the physics classroom

Apr 29, 2008

Dallas, TEXAS, April 29, 2008 - Texas Instruments (TI) today announced its free online curriculum resource for physics teachers, TIPhysics.com. The site can assist educators in implementing enriching physics activities to increase student understanding and engagement in the physics classroom.

TIPhysics.com provides educational, interactive activities that are ready to incorporate into the classroom in tandem with TI education technology, as well as access to research and training opportunities via the Web site and optional weekly e-newsletters. These resources help educators reach students on a deeper level with exciting, hands-on science experiences.

Through TIPhysics.com and TI technology, educators can help students:

  • Visualize concepts in physics and make meaningful real-world connections;
  • Perform symbolic algebra, calculus and physics on a user-friendly, computer-like interface, and
  • Explore the cause-and-effect nature of variable changes in real-time.

TIPhysics.com activities were designed to also take advantage of TI's latest offering in graphing handheld technology, TI-Nspire products for math and science learning. The TI-Nspire family of products includes two learning handhelds, the TI-Nspire and TI-Nspire Computer Algebra System (CAS) and two computer software packages.

Both handhelds are half the size and weight of a tablet PC and include a large screen and mouse-like controls, allow students to interact with concepts more deeply through "Grab and Move" capabilities. The TI-Nspire handheld includes two interchangeable keypads that allow students to use the new TI-Nspire features or a keypad that mimics the TI-84™ graphing calculator, which is a standard in many classrooms in U.S. schools. The TI-Nspire CAS offers a stationary keypad and CAS capabilities for more advanced courses. As a tool for students to explore, evaluate and simplify expressions, numeric problems and variables in symbolic form, the TI-Nspire CAS allows students to learn to solve complex equations step-by-step.

The TI-Nspire is available in select retail outlets. The TI-Nspire CAS and both software packages are available through educational product dealers, which are listed at www.ti-nspire.com.

For more information on TI's supplemental activities, please visit www.TIPhysics.com or www.education.ti.com. For more information about TI-Nspire math and science learning products, please visit www.TI-Nspire.com.

Editor's note: For images of the TI-Nspire products, demo units or to set up an interview, please contact Mari Hancock, GolinHarris, 713-513-9574, mhancock@golinharris.com.

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Education Technology, a business of Texas Instruments, provides a wide range of advanced tools connecting the classroom experience with real-world applications and enabling students and teachers to explore math and science interactively. Designed with leading educators and researchers, Texas Instruments educational technology and services are tested against recognized third-party research on effective instruction and improved student learning. Such research shows that use of graphing calculators and wireless classroom networks in the classroom helps teachers implement instructional strategies that lead to student collaboration, higher student interest, engagement and achievement in math. For more than 15 years, TI has worked closely with educators and administrators to develop student-focused curricular and supplemental classroom materials, and it supports the world's largest professional development organization for the appropriate use of educational technology. More information is available at education.ti.com.

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¹ SRI International research report, November 2006.http://www.ti-nspire.com/tools/nspire/resources/tinspire_research.pdf

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