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TI Turns Up the Music in Mobile Phones with Integrated FM Audio and Stereo Single-Chip Bluetooth Solution

Turn-key Hardware and Software Platform Provides Best Performance Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology with High Fidelity FM

Mar 30, 2006

DALLAS (March 30, 2006) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) {NYSE: TXN} today announced its next generation BlueLink™ 6.0 platform that combines the industry's best performance Bluetooth® wireless technology with high fidelity FM stereo and mono performance on a single chip. The BlueLink 6.0 platform provides complete hardware and software support, enabling ease of design and speeding time to market for mobile device manufacturers. In addition, TI's solution supports streaming FM stereo music from the handset to a Bluetooth-enabled headset. (See www.ti.com/bluelink_6 for more information.) 

Turn-key Software and Hardware Support

Since both Bluetooth and FM functions are integrated on the same silicon, the solution ensures optimal RF co-existence between the two functions, and also provides significant power savings in the most commonly used modes of operation, such as page and inquiry scan. The BlueLink 6.0 single chip also incorporates TI's Bluetooth/WLAN co-existence hardware and software solution, providing a collaborative interface with TI's WiLinkTM mobile WLAN solution for optimal bandwidth and resource sharing.

The BlueLink 6.0 platform includes TI's BlueLink Bluetooth and FM Protocol Stacks and all software required to work with TI's OMAP


 platforms and OMAP-Vox


 chipsets for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA and UMTS. The solution offers designers the flexibility to work with Symbian, Linux, or Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems.

"Microsoft is excited that Texas Instruments is expanding their product line with the release of BlueLink 6.0," said Jonas Hasselberg, Group Product Manager at Microsoft. "The strong integration between Texas Instruments and Windows Mobile will help device makers sell more smartphones by offering customers a wider range of services and functionality."

"With 60 million Symbian OS-based phones having shipped worldwide, Symbian OS is the world's leading mobile phone platform for Bluetooth," said Jorgen Behrens, VP, Product Management and Strategy, Symbian. "Bringing BlueLink 6.0 to Symbian OS will not only allow for mass market adoption but by re-using Bluetooth software from TI's previous solution, the integration experience will be much easier for handset designers, reducing time to market."

Small and Cost-Effective Solution

The BlueLink 6.0 platform (BRF6350) is the industry's smallest Bluetooth and FM single-chip solution providing the lowest total system cost, and is manufactured in TI's innovative DRPTM technology at 90 nanometers. The integration of Bluetooth and FM allows customers to realize significant cost and size savings due to shared resources, reduction of external components and shrinkage of the total die size. The solution cuts board space by 25 percent compared to discrete solutions.

"Analysts are forecasting that around 400 million FM-enabled handsets will ship by the end of the decade. TI is delivering a solution that provides the latest Bluetooth functionality, as well as high fidelity FM, all enabled by our innovative DRP technology," said Marc Cetto, general manager of TI's Mobile Connectivity Solutions, Wireless Terminals Business.

TI has a long history of digital radio design, and has shipped millions of units of digital radio devices, enabling TI to leverage its experience to provide integrated, high fidelity FM stereo and mono performance for the handset market. Clean audio quality signal, audio reception without interference, true muting capabilities and stereo separation enable the best stereo user experience for consumers.

BRF6350 also provides RDS (Radio Data Systems) functionality, letting users tune to radio stations immediately without spending time searching. RDS also enables interactive services that provide visual information on the song and artist currently playing on the radio and lets users vote via their phones, as well as purchase concert tickets and ring tones.


BlueLink 6.0 WSP (wafer scale package) and modules are currently sampling. The WSP option reduces board footprint by 50 percent compared to a traditional BGA package. Mobile devices using TI's BlueLink 6.0 solution are expected to be on the market by the end of 2006.