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Lyrtech and Texas Instruments Empower High-Performance Audio Developers with Wavetable Sound Synthesis Solution

Complete Software and Hardware Package Resonates with Developers Wanting to Differentiate End Products While Saving Time, Cost and Board Space

Mar 1, 2006

DALLAS and QUEBEC CITY, CANADA (March 1, 2006) -- Enhancing performance and design potential for audio applications, Lyrtech (TSX Venture: LYT) and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the Wavetable Sound Synthesis and Multi Format Audio Streaming Solution by Lyrtech based on TI's floating point TMS320C67xTM DSP generation. In addition to reducing system size and cost, the complete software solution and hardware reference design facilitates flexible audio content creation and the differentiation of end products, such as electronic musical instruments, karaoke machines, background music systems, interactive consoles and PC sound cards. For more information, please see: www.lyrtech.com/publications/wavetable_en.pdf. As the market for sound synthesis technologies continues to evolve, developers are challenged to design end products with improved performance and features at reduced cost. The Wavetable Sound Synthesis and Audio Streaming Solution by Lyrtech delivers a completely flexible software architecture that enables developers to exceedingly overcome these design challenges with greater ease and speed. 
The Wavetable Sound Synthesis and Audio Streaming Solution offers an array of software features, enabling developers to design a variety of high-quality audio products with improved performance and reliability. To ensure rich and realistic instrument sounds for MIDI music playback or MIDI sequencing, the platform includes complete and enhanced MIDI synthesizer functions, capable of managing up to 128 simultaneous voices. The synthesizer functions are based on proven wavetable synthesis technology, used in many sound cards and music synthesizers. Simultaneous playback of external digital audio, MIDI wavetable, .WAV and .MP3 files is supported by the software even if sources are based on different sampling rates.
Additionally, the highly optimized wavetable synthesizer is based on proven SoundFont technology. This gives the developer numerous options to make tradeoffs on synthesized sound quality versus system cost. Facilitating easy audio content creation and manipulation, the system is also capable of integrating all audio signals into a mixing matrix where they can be processed by multiple effects processes before being output to the speakers. The mixing matrix also enables global effects, such as reverb and chorus, to be assigned to individual audio sources.
"Lyrtech's robust software solution leverages the performance of TI's C67xTM floating point DSP generation to provide developers with flexibility that is just not available in fixed function synthesis chipset solutions," said Louis Chouinard, CTO, Lyrtech. "With the Wavetable Sound Synthesis and Audio Streaming Solution, audio developers have the complete solution to design differentiated and feature-laden end products."
The Sound Synthesis and Audio Streaming Solution capitalizes on the scalability of TI's C67x floating point DSPs to best meet the performance and reliability demands of developers. All sound synthesis, audio decoding and effect processing occurs on one C67x device, saving developers valuable board space and design cost. Additionally, the DSP allows developers to upgrade SoundFonts as application needs evolve. The platform's software can operate on the C6727 Pro Audio Development Kit and C6713 DSP-based CPA-II development board by Lyrtech, or developers can opt to have the software customized to run on a customer-designed C67x DSP audio board. TI's TMS320C67x devices are based on the high-performance, advanced very-long-instruction-word (VLIW) architecture developed by TI, making it an ideal processor for multichannel and multifunction audio applications.
"The Sound Synthesis and Audio Streaming Solution empowers developers to design cutting edge, high-quality audio playback and synthesizer products with greater ease and at reduced cost," said Gerard Andrews, professional audio marketing manager, TI. "The combination of Lyrtech's powerful software features and TI's C67x DSP generation processor performance provides the optimal solution for the design challenges faced by audio system developers."
The Sound Synthesis and Audio Streaming Solution is supported by TI's Code Composer StudioTM Integrated Development Environment. Additionally, Lyrtech offers turnkey engineering services for hardware and software solution development.

Pricing and Availability

The Sound Synthesis and Audio Streaming Solution is available now directly from Lyrtech and currently optimized for TI's TMS320C6713 and TMS320C6727 DSPs. Various licensing/royalties models are available depending on end-products volume. For more information, contact Lyrtech at info@lyrtech.com