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Texas Instruments Applies Communications Infrastructure Leadership to WiMAX Market with New Offerings

TI WiMAX Solutions Enable Infrastructure OEMs to Quickly Deliver Products to Market

Feb 27, 2006

DALLAS (Feb. 27, 2006) - Extending its leadership in wireless infrastructure applications, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE: TXN] today announced a new portfolio of digital and analog products for WiMAX applications. By addressing the complete signal chain, TI enables OEMs to leverage their existing 3G designs to quickly develop WiMAX products. The availability of field-ready infrastructure products will spur deployment of WiMAX-enabled services into the market. These products will also support other applications built around OFDM technology. [For more information, please go to www.ti.com/wimaxwi.]

Earlier this year, the WiMAX Forum announced the first WiMAX Forum CertifiedTM products, based on the IEEE 802.16-2004 and ETSI HiperMAN standards. Forward Concepts estimates that by 2009, sales of fixed and mobile WiMAX equipment will reach $2 billion.

End-to-End Infrastructure Solution Speeds Product Development

TI's new WiMAX portfolio includes: 

  • Support for fixed and mobile wireless infrastructure applications, as well as multiple frequency bands. As a result, OEMs can develop a single infrastructure platform that can be quickly and cost-effectively configured for each operator's or country's requirements. 
  • The TMS320TCI6482 DSP at 1 GHz plus a WiMAX physical layer software library optimized for the DSP platform. 
  • A portfolio of radio frequency (RF) products as well as data converters, up/down converters and amplifiers. 
  • Reference designs, AMC and ATCA cards from several third parties. [See www.ti.com/wimaxwi for additional press releases.] 
  • Support for MIMO Smart Antenna technology via ArrayComm. ArrayComm and TI have recently collaborated on a reference design for WiMAX infrastructure applications. 

"TI has played a key role in growing the wireless infrastructure market," said Kent Novak, worldwide manager of TI's high speed communications business unit. "Our WiMAX portfolio further demonstrates our leadership and these new products allow OEMs to leverage their own intellectual property while reducing the cost, risk and lead time for entering the WiMAX market."

"Manufacturers anticipated that the move to 3G would lead to a single standard for wireless infrastructure technology," said Jagdish Rebello of iSuppli Corporation. "However, multiple standards continue to flourish today, leaving wireless operators and OEMs with a wide variety of air interface technologies to support. OEMs look for ways to extend their technology investments and establish leadership positions in emerging markets, like WiMAX. TI is well positioned to provide customers with a portfolio of products, enabling them to re-use their common platforms in emerging and future markets."

TI's WiMAX portfolio is also attractive for infrastructure vendors, who now can leverage components used across a wide variety of technologies. This applicability for multiple markets translates into high volumes, which drive down their cost and helps create a low-cost alternative for emerging vendors to enter the burgeoning WiMAX sector.

TI demonstrated its ongoing commitment and support to the WiMAX industry by joining the WiMAX Forum earlier this year. As a WiMAX Forum member, TI will collaborate with other companies to understand the needs and concerns of the growing WiMAX industry while helping to drive standards.

TI announced its first WiMAX products last year and plans several additions to its portfolio of WiMAX products throughout this year.