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TI CEO Envisions Making Mobile Phones Affordable for Total Mass Market Penetration

Feb 14, 2006

BARCELONA, Spain (Feb. 14, 2006) - The mobile phone will become the most important consumer electronics device on the market, said Rich Templeton, president and CEO of Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE: TXN].
Outlining two clear wireless market vectors, Templeton told an audience today at 3GSM World Congress how consumers around the world are embracing the mobile phone as a convenient, affordable way to do more things on the go. "Whether you are a farmer in Kenya, a CEO in Berlin, or a teenager in Tokyo, the mobile phone is crossing cultural, social, lifestyle and economic boundaries," said Templeton. "TI is seeing dramatic growth at both the high-end with 3G and at the low-end with ultra-low-cost, voice-only phones. People in places as different as New York and New Delhi are discovering how the mobile phone can provide them with instant connectivity, convenience and information throughout their day."
"3G WCDMA continues to be a growing market, especially with high-end feature phones," said Templeton. Analysts say that, at the high-end, marketplace sales of 3G WCDMA handsets doubled in 2005 over the previous year to 50 million units, with that number expected to double in 2006.
"Yet that's only one side of the wireless growth story, as the next billion new customers will come from emerging markets such as India, China, Russia, Africa and Brazil," he added.
Templeton noted that TI is committed to working with its customers to drive innovation that supports the wireless industry's growth for both of these vectors. For the low-cost handset market, TI is sampling a single-chip solution that will accelerate wireless penetration in emerging markets. Low-cost phones using TI single-chip technology are expected to be in the market later this year. On the high-end, in 3G, more than 110 3G WCDMA handsets with TI technology have shipped to date.
Templeton concluded his remarks by answering the question "What's next?" announcing that the mobile phone now is taking its next step forward, delivering even better communications and entertainment performance, as well as greater convenience, flexibility and portability.
"TI is working with our customers and partners to add new features that will allow you to integrate your handset into almost every aspect of your life," he said. "That means the mobile phone is becoming more personal, an extension of your home and your office. But more important, it now has the power to deliver benefits in almost every aspect of people's lives."