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TI Expands Portfolio of 32-Bit Digital Signal Controllers With Industry's Highest PWM Resolution

Four New TMS320F280x Devices Offer Up to 256 KB Flash Memory or Low Cost ROM for More Flexible Power Conversion, Advanced Sensing and Motor Control Solutions

Feb 15, 2006

Nürnberg, Germany (February 15, 2006) – Continuing to broaden its digital signal controller portfolio, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced four new members of the TMS320C2000™ platform optimized for motor control, digital power conversion and intelligent sensor control in industrial, appliance, automotive, medical and consumer applications. The new controllers include the TMS320F2809 and TMS320F2802 flash-based controllers and custom ROM-based TMS320C2801 and TMS320C2802. All four new devices are 100 percent hardware and software compatible with existing TMS320F280x controllers, and they increase the portfolio to seven pin-compatible devices allowing engineers to easily switch controllers for optimized features and cost across a family of products. For more information on the new C2801, C2802, F2802 and F2809 controllers, see www.ti.com/new280x


The C2000™ platform’s ROM-based C280x and flash-based F280x devices feature a patent-pending pulse width modulator (PWM) with 150 picosecond (ps) resolution, 64 times more precise than competing processors. TI’s full TMS320C28x portfolio now includes 15 high-performance, 32-bit controllers that combine the real-time performance of TI's digital signal processors (DSP) with the peripheral integration, C-language efficiency and ease of use of a microcontroller (MCU).

Integrated Options Drive Enhanced Applications


Both TMS320C28x and TMS320F28x devices offer unprecedented high resolution PWM technology that provides 16 bits of accuracy in a 100 KHz control loop and 12 bits at 1.5 MHz; competing processors limit accuracy to less than 10 bits at 100 KHz and less than 6 bits at 1.5 MHz. In digital power applications, higher resolution PWM results in a faster transient response with a smaller ripple amplitude. The unique accuracy of the high resolution PWM eliminates ‘limit cycle’ issues, which means power supply designers are now able to use digital control in high-switching frequency supplies like those found in wireless base stations, network servers, and even digital televisions. As a result, developers benefit from cleaner power output, higher power density, smaller magnetics and more compact, cooler supplies than are possible using analog technology.


The C28x™ and F28x™ new performance-memory-peripheral combinations also benefit new, forward-thinking motor control applications. Self-Guided Systems recently integrated F280x controllers into the brushless DC motors used to guide the company’s Hybrid Z™ self-stabilizing, autonomous lawnmower. The mower’s cutting blades triangulate their position based upon mower position and reflector location. The Hybrid Z then navigates itself and cuts grass to a pre-set length – all without any human intervention.


"Our lawnmower is the world’s only self-guided mower that can cut within a one inch accuracy range in perfectly straight, parallel lines,” said Ray Hallenbeck, electronics manager, Self-Guided Systems. “TI’s F280x controller was the only solution that offered the on-chip functionality and C code efficiency we needed along with a high level of integration to help reduce the size and complexity of our mower’s electronics system. The range of reprogrammable memory options allows for very scalable product development down the road, helping ensure long partnership with TI.”


Expanded Memory and Peripherals Open New Doors


All C280x and F280x based devices feature a 32-bit wide data path for superior performance and mixed 16-/32-bit instruction set for improved code density. These devices offer exceptional system integration for controllers of their class, providing complete control system capabilities from signal input through the on-chip analog to digital converter (ADC), quadrature encoder pulse (QEP), and timer captures and compares through signal output with up to 16 independent PWM channels. The 12.5 megasamples per second (MSPS), 12-bit ADC, found on the F2809 controller, boasts an effective number of bits (ENOB) of 10.9 and is valid across the full -40 to 125° C temperature range. Key communication interfaces include multiple CAN, I2C, UART and SPI ports.

The new TMS320F2809 offers 256KB of on-chip flash, double the size of the pin-compatible F2808. It also increases the number of PWM channels with 150ps resolution from four to six. The F2809 will be available for sampling in the third quarter of 2006 and be qualified for full production in the first quarter of 2007.


The TMS320F2802, C2801, and C2802 are currently available for full production from TI and authorized distributors. All devices are AEC Q100 qualified. Both 100-pin LQFP and 100-ball BGA packaging is available.


          TMS320           Flash or ROM (KB)           RAM (KB)           Samples            Production            Suggest Resale Price
          C2801                    32                           12             TODAY               TODAY              $3.98 (10K units)
          C2802                    64                           12             TODAY               TODAY              $4.88 (10K units)
          F2802                    64                           12              TODAY               TODAY             $7.10 (1K units)
          F2809                   256                          36               3Q06                 1Q07              $12.99 (1K units)

Start Today


Designers can start developing F280x based designs today using the F2808 eZdsp Starter Kit (TMDXEZS2808), available for $495 through TI’s authorized distributors and on the Web. The kit includes hardware, tools, TI’s comprehensive Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE) and application software backed by expert training and extensive online support materials to get designers started developing embedded control applications immediately. For more information, see www.ti.com/f2808ezdsp.


TI Enables Innovation with Broad Range of Controllers


From ultra low power MSP430 and 32-bit general purpose TMS470 ARM7-based MCUs to high performance TMS320C2000 digital signal controllers, TI offers designers the broadest range of embedded control solutions. Designers can lso accelerate their design to market by tapping into TI’s complete software and hardware tools, extensive third party offerings and technical support. For more information on the broad range of TI’s controllers, see www.ti.com/mcu.