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Manufacturers Using TI's DaVinci(TM) Technology Can Easily Embed Wi-Fi in Consumer Electronics

TI Delivers a Comprehensive Development Kit for Stationary CE Devices, Including IP Set Top Boxes, Digital Media Adapters and Personal Video Recorders

Feb 20, 2006

DALLAS (Feb. 20, 2006) – As Wi-Fi becomes a required feature in consumer electronic (CE) devices, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] today announces its CE WLAN Developer Kit (CE WLAN DK) 1.0 for stationary devices such as IP set top boxes, digital media adapters and personal video recorders. The kit enables manufacturers using TI’s DaVinci™ Technology to easily integrate an 802.11 b/g WLAN solution, and to take advantage of the greater range and throughput enabled by TI’s G++TM technology.

Adding Wi-Fi to DaVinci is Simple

DaVinci technology is a collection of DSP-based system solution components tailored for efficient and compelling digital video. DaVinci provides manufacturers with integrated processors, software and tools to simplify the design process and accelerate innovation.

Customers using DaVinci Technology in high volume applications can easily incorporate WLAN into their products with TI’s CE WLAN DK 1.0. The development kit comprises a hardware reference design, WLAN chipset and software driver package. It provides all the system-level building blocks manufacturers need, enabling them to reach the market faster by eliminating integration and interference issues. Manufacturers can choose to lay out their own modules or purchase them from TI partners including system integrators, original design manufacturers (ODMs) and software solution providers.

As an additional value-add to customers, access to this network accelerates development from design through production and allows for additional innovation. TI’s partners provide manufacturers with a variety of services from the most simple to the more complex. For instance, partners leverage TI’s hardware and software in their own reference designs and integrate codecs and user interfaces for final products. Software partners provide driver ports from Linux 2.6 to a variety of popular CE device operating systems.

TI sees tremendous momentum in this market. In the first month alone we’ve seen customers and partners create multiple designs utilizing our systems-level tools,” said Steve Schnier, WLAN CE product line manager for TI’s Residential Gateway and Embedded Systems business unit. “Manufacturers are truly pushing the boundaries when it comes to product innovation. We expect this trend to continue as the market matures, with CE companies adding Wi-Fi to applications that are beyond our imagination.”

About TI’s CE WLAN DK 1.0 for Stationary Applications

TI’s CE WLAN Development Kit for stationary devices includes a hardware reference design, chipset and software driver package.

• Hardware Reference Design (PCA-171): The complete reference design utilizing TI’s WLAN chipset enables manufacturers to reach the market quickly. System testing has been completed and the design is pre-FCC and Wi-Fi certified.

• WLAN Chipset (TNETW1350a/TNETW3422/28): At the core of the solution is the WLAN chipset including the TNETW1350A media access controller (MAC) baseband processor and TNETW3422/3428 radios. Optimized for stationary applications, the chipset features TI’s G++ technology enabling whole house coverage, higher than ever throughput and superior interference rejection from microwaves, cordless phones and neighboring wireless networks.

• Software Driver Package (CE-STA-DK 1.0): TI’s full featured software driver package enables security including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and WPA2 and quality of service including Windows Multimedia (WMM) and Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA).


The CE WLAN DK 1.0 for stationary applications is available today.