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TI Leads Next Evolution of Portable Audio Market with the First HDD-Based XM Connect and Play Reference Design

Extension to DA295 Reference Design Brings XM Satellite Radio to Consumers' Shirt Pockets

Jan 5, 2006

DALLAS, (January 5, 2006) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced that its TMS320DA295 reference design is the first hard disk drive (HDD)-based architecture to support XM's Connect and Play technology for portable audio applications, including MP3 players and portable audio jukeboxes. Utilizing the recently announced XM Connect and Play Passport platform, TI's reference design and appropriate low cost accessories transform any MP3 player into a live XM radio in the car, home and pedestrian environments. Furthermore, end users can download XM's rich content in a time shifting mode. (See www.ti.com/portableaudio9.)
"Satellite radio is of great interest to consumers and a booming opportunity," said Chris Schairbaum, Portable Audio and Infotainment business manager from Texas Instruments. "Adding XM Connect and Play is a natural next step in the evolution of portable digital audio players, giving consumers access to an important and compelling source of content. XM Connect and Play Passport will prove to be a key differentiating feature among next generation portable audio players."
TI's DA295 reference design platform provides developers with a programmable architecture that enables them to design products with the advanced features and outstanding power efficiency they need to differentiate their products while reducing time-to-market and overall bill of materials. The DA295 reference design comes complete with all the system code and hardware necessary to support hard disk drive, color LCD and NTSC interfaces, FM tuner, photo and video decode, rechargeable battery-based subsystem as well as optimized implementations of all widely-used audio codecs (AAC, AAC Plusx (XM's compression decoder), MP3, WMA and others), line-in encoding, and the latest Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. USB 2.0 high-speed On-The-Go enables peer-to-peer connectivity between the portable audio player and other devices, such as digital cameras.
The reference design is based on TI's dual-core, digital signal processor (DSP)-based TMS320DA295 digital audio processor which provides exceptional performance and value with a high level of integration, including a headphone amplifier and stereo DAC, USB 2.0, and other key peripherals. Offering increased power efficiency through flexible power and clocking schemes, the DA295 processor enables over a day of continuous audio playback.
"We're excited about the additional flexibility and features this reference design will enable for our subscribers," said Dr. Stell Patsiokas, Executive Vice-President, Technology and Engineering from XM. "TI's reference design strategy and their expertise in processor design made them an excellent partner to deliver the cost-effective, advanced functionality we wanted to offer consumers."

Availability and Pricing

Beta versions of the XM Connect and Play-enabled DA295 reference design are available now. Pricing for the DA295 reference design starts at $20,000 and is available from select TI regional third party providers.