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TI's New Family of Low-Power, Stereo Audio CODECs Increases Run-Time of Portable Consumer Electronics

Devices Enable Exceptional Audio Quality and 3D Sound in Cell Phones and Media Players

Jan 5, 2006

DALLAS (Jan. 5, 2006) - Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a family of low-noise, stereo, portable audio CODECs with power consumption as low as 14 milliwatts (mW). With integrated sound processing, the three new devices give designers the ease and flexibility to add features like 3D sound, which provides for outstanding effects from small speakers (see www.ti.com/sc06005). The low-power CODECs extend the run-time of battery-powered products such as cellular handsets, MP3 players with record functionality and digital still cameras, and they work well with multimedia devices and applications processors such as TI's family of OMAPTM processors.

The TLV320AIC3x family of 16/20/24/32-bit stereo audio CODECs consumes as little as 1/3 the power of comparable devices. The devices' extensive register-based power control enables stereo 48-kHz playback as low as 14 mW from a 3.3-V analog supply.
The TLV320AIC31/32/33 devices provide excellent noise performance, which enhances the consumer's experience with their portable audio devices. The digital-to-analog converter (DAC) provides a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 100 dB. In addition, the TLV320AIC33 and the TLV320AIC31 offer the advantage of differential inputs, which cancel noise that normally enters the analog-to-digital converter (ADC).
These highly integrated devices give designers flexibility to differentiate their products with sound effects and cool features, while easing design and reducing components and system cost. The stereo audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC) includes programmable digital filtering so that designers can easily add 3D spatial enhancement; bass, treble and midrange effects; and speaker equalization and de-emphasis. The devices also provide muxing capability among as many as 10 input pins and 10 output pins, as well as fully-programmable mixing capability with volume control. A programmable phase-locked loop (PLL) supports the standard audio rates from a wide range of clocks, from 512 kHz to 50 MHz, and it reduces cost and eases design by eliminating the external crystal.
"Our customers asked for a low-noise, flexible CODEC that consumes little power," said Greg Davis, portable audio marketing manager in TI's high performance analog business. "The addition of these CODECs enables TI to provide the complete high-performance audio signal chain and further strengthens our relationships with key wireless, MP3 and portable media player manufacturers."
The AIC3x family complements TI's portfolio of high-performance analog and DSP products for the portable audio signal chain including the Digital Audio platform of DSPs, audio data converters, clocks, Class-D audio amplifiers and cap-free headphone amplifiers. TI provides the silicon, software, systems expertise and support that enable customers to get to market quickly. For more information see the Audio Solutions Guide at ti.com/audio. In addition, see TI's power management products for portable consumer applications at ti.com/portablepower.

Availability and Pricing

The TLV320AIC31, TLV320AIC32 and TLV320AIC33 are available today from TI and its authorized distributors. The AIC31/32 are available in a 5 mm x 5 mm, 32-pin quad flat no-leads (QFN) package and the AIC33 is packed in a 5 mm x 5mm 80 ball MicroStar JuniorTM BGA package. Suggested resale pricing in 1,000-unit quantities is $3.45 each for the AIC31 and AIC32 and $3.95 for the AIC33. Evaluation modules are available.