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Texas Instruments and Cypress Collaborate to Deliver Low-Power, 27-MHz Wireless Mouse Reference Design

Easy-to-Use Kit Extends Battery Life and Speeds Design Time

Nov 29, 2005

DALLAS (Nov. 29, 2005) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), and Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE: CY) introduced today a power-optimized wireless mouse reference design kit with a 27-MHz dual-channel receiver. Enabled by low-power, highly-integrated and easy-to-use integrated circuits and an optical sensor, the kit allows designers to develop and quickly take to market a complete wireless mouse and receiver system, while reducing component count, system power consumption and cost. (See www.ti.com/sc05237 for more information.)

"Demand for wireless mice and keyboards is exploding, and OEMs require high-performance components and easy-to-use resources to enable rapid development of differentiated products at the right price point," said Kambiz Hayat-Dawoodi, manager of TI's Low-Power Wireless products. "TI's new dual-channel receiver, the TRF7900, integrates more than 20 discrete components into a small form factor to reduce cost and simplify receiver design while offering designers the flexibility to select from more frequencies than previously available with single-channel receivers."
The receiver system incorporates TI's TRF7900 dual-channel receiver and a Cypress enCoRe (enhanced Component Reduction) microcontroller (MCU) (CY7C63743) to receive the transmit information from the mouse, decode it and communicate the mouse movements and switch selections to the personal computer via a Universal Serial Bus interface.
"The enCoRe low-speed microcontroller is a perfect partner to TI's TRF7900 dual-channel receiver for the growing wireless mouse business," said Steven Larky, Director of Cypress's Personal Communications Business Unit. "The enCoRe technology eliminates the need for an external crystal oscillator, and integrates other external components commonly found in low-speed applications, such as pull-up resistors, wake-up circuitry and a 3.3V regulator. This integration enables the reference design to provide a low-cost, small form factor and simple 27-MHz receiver design."
The mouse design optimizes power consumption and maximizes battery life using a low-power optical mouse sensor (ADNS3040) from Agilent Technologies and TI's ultra-low-power MCU (MSP430F1222). The MSP430 MCU's hallmark ultra-low power platform features a typical real time clock standby current of 0.7 micro-amps and a shut-down mode of 0.1 micro-amps that lets engineers tune system clocking to precisely meet the application's power requirements.

Available Today

The 27-MHz Wireless Receiver and Mouse EVM and Reference Design (MSP-TRF7900-EVM) including mouse, component samples and CD-ROM with complete code, bill of materials and technical documents is available now, priced at $199 per kit.